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Couples in Kim Dung’s movie “fake love movies”: Love each other in movies, getting married in real life

Movie adapted from martial arts novels Kim Dung bring fame to many actors. Many screen lovers appear, but very few of them actually become married.

“Thank you writer Kim Dung, thanks to you and your work, we have only today”, Pham Van Phuong was touched upon hearing the news of Kim Dung’s death. Pham Van Phuong should have a relationship with Ly Minh Thuan after working together God Condor.

1. Pham Van Phuong – Ly Minh Thuan fell in love with the divine god

Pham Van Phuong and Ly Minh Thuan have known each other since 1996. They cooperate in Tan Ai Lang. Ly Minh Thuan fell in love with Pham Van Phuong when he first met her. But it is simply one-sided love because the beauty has a boyfriend.

Two years later, they reunited on set God Condor. Becoming Too Nhi and Co Co, they were like a couple behind the camera. At this point, Pham Van Phuong announced his breakup with his ex-boyfriend. People in the profession revealed a pair of secret stars that have been discovered since 1998.

In 2003, they made public their love story with the audience, admitting to having lived together for a while. Their wedding was held in 2009. The wedding ceremony became the most popular news of the year in Singapore at that time.

Pham Van Phuong and Ly Minh Thuan love from film to real life.

Now, when both people have silver hair, they still treat each other like lovers. “From the very beginning we thought of each other as lovers. When I got married, I still considered her a lover. So, do not ask if we are bored or not. Despite the bluster, I still love her“, Ly Minh Thuan confided in an interview with Ettoday.

He reveals that every time he comes home is happy. Talking about the attraction of Ly Minh Thuan, Pham Van Phuong described: “He’s handsome and he’s persistent in love. He touched me because he hadn’t changed my mind for many years“. And Ly Minh Thuan just laughed:”I like everything about Pham Van Phuong“.

2. Truong Ve Kien – Truong Tay should be charming later Loc peak sign

In 2000, Loc Peak signed his debut and Truong Ve Kien once again shined like a charming comedy on the small screen. In the film, he has 7 beautiful and talented wives. Truong Tay takes on the role of Song Nhi, the faithful and loyal wife of Vi Tieu Bao.

Seven years after the show aired, Zhangxi and Zhang Wei Jian became husband and wife. Chat on IfengTruong Ve Kien said he had a crush on Zhangxi just after hearing her sing his old song. He recounted a short conversation but reminded him forever with Truong Tay that day.

Couples in Kim Dung s movie fake love movies Love each other in movies getting married in real life | Khám phá

Truong Ve Kien and Truong Tay got married in 2007 and held a wedding ceremony in 2009.

For the first time, I met such a pure, innocent girl“, he shared. She is also a tour guide every time Truong Wei wants to explore the mainland. Several times of talking and sympathy, they officially date.

They broke up twice because of differences of opinion. At the time of separation, Truong Ve Kien understood that no one was suitable for him but Truong Tay. He took the initiative to write a handwritten letter to heal his relationship and hope to marry her.

After 20 years of working with no children, Truong Ve Kien always wants to make up for everything for his wife. No matter how busy, special holidays like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, Truong Ve Kien always spends time with his wife.

3. Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien hastily fell in love

In 2014, Tran Nghien stumbled upon a wave of criticism when transformed into Tieu Long Nu in God Condor. She was criticized for her appearance and acting. But Tran Nghien must never be sad because of that. Thanks God CondorShe just found the man of life.

Couples in Kim Dung s movie fake love movies Love each other in movies getting married in real life | Khám phá

Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien did not create a fever after joining “The Great Spirit of Condor”. But in real life, they become husband and wife.

The couple Duong Qua – She revealed the dating story in August 2015. Soon after, the young actor proposed to his girlfriend with a 2-carat diamond ring that cost 1.6 million yuan (equivalent to 5.7 billion) on a luxury yacht in Paris (France). Their “sister” love story received the blessings of the audience.

The wedding of the star couple took place on July 19, 2016. The two are also not afraid to publicize the story of “eating first,” before getting married. After Tran Nghien sacrificed his son, Tran Hieu assumed the role of breadwinner in the family. He closed his schedule for filming in Mainland.

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