Couldn’t leave England because of Covid-19, ‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller filmed Justice League on set of Fantastic Beasts 3 under the direction of Zack Snyder from afar.

On May 21, Warner Bros. has suddenly announced they will release blockbuster Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder version, in the year 2021 on the HBO Max platform. Before that when it premiered in 2017, this film had faced a lot of criticism from the audience for its disjointed content and lack of convincing. Part of the reason is that during the shooting process, Zack Snyder was forced to retreat midway to take care of his family and hand over the job to Joss Whedon. The difference in the vision of the two directors has greatly affected the content of Justice League and cannot meet the great expectations from the audience.

Currently, Zack Snyder is urgently completing the post-production process for his version of Justice League to be released in the middle of next year. Besides, he also rushed to return and shoot many new scenes, promising that this movie will be completely different from the 2017 release. In which, Ezra Miller, who plays the super-speed guy Flash, also had to make a new scene under the script to be revised by Snyder.

Ezra Miller had to make a new shot for Justice League, but he was busy filming Fantastic Beasts 3 in London.

The problem is that Miller is very busy with the Fantastic Beasts 3 film project, currently shooting in the UK. Meanwhile, the development of the Covid-19 epidemic is still very complicated, making it impossible for him and the Justice League team to freely reunite and complete their new footage. Finally, director Zack Snyder was forced to use the option: Filming Justice League on the set of Fantastic Beasts, and he will direct from a distance to ensure product quality.

Ezra has to shoot some new footage, but you know, he’s in Fantastic Beasts in London. Unfortunately, even if we really wanted to, we couldn’t fly there. So we contacted him and the Fantastic Beasts production team using Zoom. Next, I sent them a lot of drawings and explained where Ezra would be in the frame and what to do.“.

Both Justice League and Fantastic Beasts 3 are Warner Bros. projects, so Zack Snyder did not have too much trouble in this “online thanks”. It also saves both sides a lot of time and ensures their work progress. If not, Ezra Miller will have to move from England to the US, undergo quarantine for at least 2 weeks to ensure stable health before he can start filming new footage for Justice League. Later, when he returned to London, he had to go through a similar quarantine process before he could continue with the Fantastic Beasts project.

Couldn t leave England because of Covid 19 The Flash Ezra Miller filmed Justice League on set of Fantastic Beasts 3 under the direction of Zack Snyder from afar | Live

In the midst of a very unpredictable pandemic, this is probably the best way to help Ezra Miller finish the extra footage in Justice League without leaving the Fantastic Beasts set.

Technically, director Zack Snyder used a different 3-screen system for remote direction, set up at the London studio. Thanks to that, he was able to observe all that was going on here and guide Miller and the Fantastic Beasts team accurately. Although a bit inconvenient, this is probably the most reasonable option at the moment, and may become a new common standard for the film and television field in the future.

Previously, Zack Snyder revealed that the entire new footage will have a total duration of about 5 minutes only. However, these are all key scenes in realizing his vision for Justice League – something he has cherished for a long time and has always wanted to accomplish, especially after the failure. of the 2017 premiere. Snyder hopes that when his work airs, the “spray bomb” of Joss Whedon will be completely forgotten.

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