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Correct understanding of “standard” soft freeze technology

What is Soft East?

Fresh foods such as pork, chicken, beef … are bought by families mainly from the market. When bought home, these foods have usually gone through the day or half of the day in the open air, and bacteria and oxidants have begun to enter cells. After overnight in the refrigerator cooler, the meat will show signs of spoiling and begin to smell. Some refrigerators with -1 degree C compartment can keep meat longer, but only after two to three days the meat will show signs of watery, less fresh color, affecting the taste and food safety of both. family.

-1 degrees Celsius of cooling and -3 degrees C soft freezing have different effects on food quality

The reason for this is that bacteria continue to attack food even after being refrigerated. But this is no longer a concern for families when Panasonic has researched on many heat levels and found the best soft freezing temperature for food is -3 degrees C to minimize penetration and development. of bacteria. At an ideal temperature of -3 degrees Celsius, the food is covered with a thin layer of ice, which acts as a “protective armor” of the food from oxidation and bacteria, which is subject to temperature levels. higher than -1 degree C or 0 degree C cannot do. As a result, the meat does not lose its red color, has no odor and does not leak water for up to 7 days. The company’s internal test results all confirm the superiority of soft freezing technology at -3 degrees C compared to other temperatures.

To keep the soft freezing temperature always guaranteed at -3 degrees C, the company also installed a temperature sensor system for the soft freezer compartment, along with the soft copper compartment designed to be more sealed to keep the temperature always stable. concentration.

Benefits of soft freezing

With a refrigerator equipped with “standard” soft freezing technology, users will enjoy numerous benefits. For example, food keeps the whole taste of freshness for 7 days, especially foods like fish meat still retain its nutrients. In addition, by protecting the internal cell structure, fruits and vegetables stored in the -3 degree C soft copper compartment will also stay fresher for a longer time, taste and taste better.

Correct understanding of standard soft freeze technology | Tech ice tea

Why is -3 degrees C a “standard” soft freezing temperature?

Another indispensable benefit of soft freezing technology is that it saves cooking time and shortens the time to prepare meals for the whole family. Life is busy, so many families have the habit of storing food for the whole week. However, if stored in the normal freezer compartment, housewives have to take time to thaw before cooking, not to mention thawing this also significantly reduces food nutrients. But with soft freezing technology, users can cook without thawing, easily cut and sliced ​​food according to the processing requirements of the dish.

99.99% Soft freeze – Unique from Panasonic

Manufacturer from Japan, Panasonic is extremely delicate when capturing the clean living needs of today’s consumers, so it has integrated BlueAg + antibacterial technology into the soft freezer compartment, helping to kill 99.99% of bacteria and eliminate effective smell. Specifically, BlueAg + with high intensity blue light combined with Ag silver molecule creates OH radicals. When in contact with bacteria, these OH radicals will remove hydrogen from bacteria, thereby effectively destroying bacteria.

Correct understanding of standard soft freeze technology | Tech ice tea

The new line of health refrigerators launched in 2019 has been equipped with Panasonic’s antibacterial super-fast soft freezing technology, which promises to bring a whole new experience to users.

If you are wondering how to distinguish a Panasonic refrigerator equipped with high-speed sterilization technology, the easiest way is to rely on the PrimeFresh + and BlueAg + symbols just outside the refrigerator. When plugged in, there will be a green light inside the refrigerator.

Of the antibacterial soft freezer Super speed like this is a very worthy option to consider for families wishing to “life” refrigerators. Products are available at electronics supermarkets nationwide.

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