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Corona virus (Wuhan) virus may be right nearby without your knowledge

2am Thursday, January 23, Chinese officials announced stopping the on-going routes to the city of Wuhan, where it originated. corona virus cause dangerous pneumonia. The ban applies to bus, subway, and ferry boat facilities. For trains and aviation, the direction away from Wuhan is also blocked.

By 10 am, the last journey to leave Wuhan has been completed, leaving millions of people experiencing the holiday season in the throbbing fear. Throughout the city, supermarkets and markets have sold out basic supplies because many families plan to “retire at the port” in the next few days.

Corona virus Wuhan virus may be right nearby without your knowledge | Game Online

Body temperature checks are well controlled at the dock, cars in Wuhan and many other cities like Hangzhou and Nanchang (Image: The Guardian).

It was close to Tet but only a few families were walking on the street. In contrast, the police marched more often at the subway station. People and civil servants are required to wear masks when contacting in public spaces.

Professor Dali Yang, who studies political science at the University of Chicago, said: “What an incredible progress. We now have a city of tens of millions of people shut down. In many respects, the local government and the people are not prepared. Everything is too urgent.” grant them “.

Corona virus Wuhan virus may be right nearby without your knowledge | Game Online

11 million people have yet to leave Wuhan during this period, officials have not said when the blockade was lifted (Image: The Guardian)

Panic is inevitable. Xiao, 26, a primary school teacher in Wuhan, said: “When I woke up and watched the news, I thought I was going crazy.”

Xiao said he hasn’t left home since January 19. Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, it has been reported that some people with mild illness have been denied by hospitals due to insufficient treatment rooms. The information made Xiao and the surrounding people even more nervous. “People with infectious diseases may be right next door without you noticing, which is more scary.” – female teachers share.

However, the Wuhan Center for Disease Prevention and Control on January 23 reassured people, recommending not to buy stockpiles that would make the situation even more unpredictable. “For the time being, food, medicine, and other supplies are all available in Wuhan.” – written notice.

Corona virus Wuhan virus may be right nearby without your knowledge | Game Online

An infected patient was transferred to a hospital in Wuhan on January 20 (Image: EPA-EFE)

Anyway, the people of the city are going through a very different Tet that they have never known. Chen Yan, a 35-year-old information technology engineer, took his wife and children to his hometown of Wuhan to celebrate Tet with his family. However, he decided to leave on the night of January 22, although his parents were determined to stay.

“I felt like things were going badly fast. But my parents didn’t want to leave no matter how persuasive. My mother wanted to stay home like every Tet before, so we had a dinner together.” And I hugged my mother and burst into tears before I drove away, “said Mr. Yan.

Corona virus Wuhan virus may be right nearby without your knowledge | Game Online

The people of Wuhan are going through a very different New Year that they have never known (Image: SCMP)

As of January 23, 17 people were killed in connection with Wuhan virus, officially named 2019-nCov. Besides, the number of people infected with the virus has reached 571 people in many countries around the world.

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