Cool creations with ice are netizen everywhere to contribute to the summer

Referring to the summer without mentioning the “specialty” of ice, it is indeed a big flaw. That’s why people have new tips for cold ice, making these beautiful pieces more versatile and more creative.

Comprehensive beauty with ice cold

Every morning, place a few ice cubes in the wash basin and wash gently, massage your face clockwise, your skin will reduce the feeling of swelling after waking up. If you work harder, invest in tomato ice cubes: wash the tomatoes and squeeze water, mix with 1 vitamin E essential oil and put in the ice tray.

Clean your face, use a thin cloth wrapped in ice cubes and roll over the skin, apply gently to the nutrients to absorb evenly into the skin and tighten pores. Simple right?

Upgrade the freshness of the salad

Salad after mixing often withered and not as fresh as the original, although selected fresh vegetables and washed as carefully as possible. To fix it, before mixing, add a stone to it, then sprinkle the sauce over. In this simple way, salads will keep the freshness, crunchy and retain the flavor, natural nutrition.

Cool creations with ice are netizen everywhere to contribute to the summer | Live

Turning ice into a challenging tool

Ice Bucket Challenge

In 2013, with the goal of raising the awareness of ALS (atrophic sclerosis on one side), the challenge of pouring ice on the head helps players understand the feeling of paralysis. Players will be poured a bucket of water filled with ice on the head, recorded & posted on social networks and the right to challenge friends to challenge. Within 24 hours after that, the challenged person must have the answer. If they disagree, they will have to donate $ 100 to the ALS Association’s charity fund. Many famous people participated, including Charlie Sheen, Bill Gates, actor Benedict Cumberbatch …

Cool creations with ice are netizen everywhere to contribute to the summer | Live

Cube Challenge

Born at a time when the whole world had to distance itself from society, this challenge had no purpose but pleasure. Prepare a cup of ice cubes, a place you want to challenge the opponent and then pour the ice. That’s it, now press the clock and see which surrender first! This challenge has reached the top trending on Tiktok because of its simplicity and entertainment. If you have the opportunity to gather with friends this summer, you should give it a try!

Cool creations with ice are netizen everywhere to contribute to the summer | Live

Cool shampoo with ice cubes CLEAR

In the scorching sun of summer, the entire body from foot to head is like burning. Especially when wearing a lot of helmets, sweat, dandruff, itching are unavoidable. And so Toc Tien Clear Head – AI version of Toc Tien was released to share with fans how to “relieve” the summer heat. The challenge of her is very simple, you just need to freeze CLEAR Mint Mint shampoo, take them out, pose cool with CLEAR shampoo, and post the image on the facebook page with the public mode. declaration. Don’t forget to tag Toc Tien Clear Head in to mark the entry and include #Clear Cool Mint # ShampooDeadMassage #GoiDauMatLanh.

Here are the faces in the familiar “hunting trend” village.

Cool creations with ice are netizen everywhere to contribute to the summer | Live

The trend of posing with CLEAR stones is being responded on social networks

The “hot” challenge is because of the terrific award of the very attractive program:

● 05 SUMMER AWARDS are travel vouchers worth VND 10,000,000 (including Round-trip Airline + Hotel) for 05 players who receive the highest total interaction score (comment = 1 VND, share = 2đ) and valid according to BTC regulations.

● 20 Heated FUNNY prizes are the coolest Air Conditioning fans for the 20 most creative entries.

● 200 HEADS of COOL STUPID is the best CLEAR Insurance helmet for the 200 most beautiful & lucky entries.

There are still more than 10 days left to find the lucky faces of this summer. So today, try to freeze CLEAR and ask for a pose and pose! Maybe we have a trip together

Join the challenge with Clear Vietnam and Toc Tien Clear Head to win great gifts every week. The program lasts from June 22, 2020 to July 30, 2020.

Details of the challenging rules and prizes are available at the official Fanpage of Clear And don’t forget to click follow Toc Tien Clear Head again

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