Continuing to win the grand prize, Joaquin Phoenix touched the gratitude of ‘Joker’ Heath Ledger: My success today comes from what Heath has done before

Recently at the SAG Awards, the Joaquin Phoenix has once again been named Best Male Lead for her role as Joker. So in just about 3 weeks, Joaquin has won all three prestigious awards, from the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice Awards, and this time the SAG Awards, surpassing many other famous stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. or Christian Bale. Currently, he is also the brightest candidate for the upcoming 2020 Oscar.

Joaquin Phoenix has won all the highest individual awards within the past 3 weeks.

Prior to the success that Joker brought to him personally, Joaquin took advantage of the speech on the stage of SAG Awards 2020 to send emotional gratitude to Heath Ledger – whom he called the “favorite actor of I”. Heath is considered the most successful Joker on the big screen after appearing in The Dark Knight, thereby also won the golden statue of Oscar for best male and female category. Therefore, Joaquin did not hesitate to assert:The success I (Joker) have today is thanks to what Joker of Heath Ledger has done before”.

Here are all Joaquin Phoenix’s speeches at the SAG Awards.

Joaquin Phoenix took advantage of his brief time to thank Heath Ledger, and also gave his colleagues the words of the wing.

Besides that, Parasite (parasite) also had a surprising victory in an important category: Best Actor. This is the first time a Korean film has been named at the SAG Awards. This continues to show Parasite will be a very unpredictable card in the upcoming Oscars, not bored by big blockbusters like 1917, Joker or Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The most mentioned name in 2019, Avengers: Endgame, also won the best stunt performance. Although the film has the highest box office in the history of film world ($ 2.8 billion), but End game again did not make much impression in the past awards ceremony. This blockbuster also received only one nomination for the Best Engineering category at Oscar 2020, “snatching” all other important categories such as Best Motion Picture or Best Men / Women. .

Another very interesting work is Game of Thrones – The HBO series just ended in May 2019 with a controversial scenario. Peter Dinklage, who excelled in his role as the dwarf Tyrion Lannister, was honored in the category of Best Male TV Series.

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