Continuing the habit of overturning, SofM interviewed ‘sober’: My team is also used to being robbed of Dragons with Baron.

Suning has officially entered the semi-finals LPL Summer 2020 The best performance of this team since its inception is also a new milestone SofM the first time was achieved after more than four years of fighting in China, after a 3-1 victory over Victory Five.

SN vs V5 Highlights ALL GAMES Quarterfinals LPL Summer Playoffs 2020 Suning vs Victory Five by Onivi

After the match, the members of Suning gave a short interview, in which SofM continued to be the name mentioned a lot, with the loss of Baron in game 1, and how he was about to face. Karsa on the upcoming Semi-Final:

Reporter: Are you satisfied with your performance today? Does your team have any remarkable preparation for this match?

SofM: I feel relatively satisfied with my expression today, and the ability to coordinate with my teammates is quite good. In terms of preparation, we just have a clear understanding of what cards the opponent will choose so we are ready to come up with a carving plan. make it up.

Reporter: Today, the Jungling position was perfect, the next match against TOP Esports, are you confident against Karsa?

SofM: He’s my longtime rival, of course I have faith that I can win.

Reporter: Going to the jungle from being robbed of big goals to constantly carrying teams to win, what makes you so explosive?

SofM: Actually, my team is used to being robbed like this.

The faces “awake” of the players who just lost Baron for the nth time but still won

Today can be said to be a brilliant performance for both SofM huanfengHowever, many people have agreed with the idea that if these two guys worked better in the first game of Baron, (SofM stopped dealing Baron damage to wait for Bard’s Magic Journey on the V5 side to end but huanfeng accidentally “broke”, allowing Galio of Mole to rush into Punishment), the score could have been 3-0.

Agree that the current Suning knows how to “correct”, and many times they fell into a pinch when losing their big goal but still stubborn However, this is also a problem that the coaching staff as well as the players must pay special attention, because the deeper you go into the next round, the TES, JDG or even IG will not be easy. easily give the opponent the chance to atone.

Continuing the habit of overturning SofM interviewed sober My team is also used to being robbed of Dragons with Baron | Esports

We must all remember Punishment that missed both the LCK championship and legendary Score’s CKTG ticket, and certainly, SofM fans will not be expecting a similar moment to happen to him. and teammates.

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