Considered as Marvel’s Batman, but is Moon Knight stronger?

Marvel Comics ‘Moon Knight is often compared to DC Comics’ Dark Knight – Batman. Surely these two characters have a lot in common, both Marc Spector and Bruce Wayne are rich men, both “night watchers”, who have the spirit of steel before everything. interrogation. And both use almost similar weapons, Moon Knight uses a crescent-shaped boomerang that acts like Batman’s “Batarangs”.

However, when it comes to physical strength, the similarities between these two characters seem to have come to an end. Moon Knight suggests he might be weaker but could also be much stronger than Batman… depending on the time of the month. There was a time when the Moon Knight’s power fluctuated greatly with the phases of the moon!

Considered as Marvel s Batman but is Moon Knight stronger | Live

Moon Knight’s origins were changed quite a few times in the original story, but in the end it was preserved as a mercenary named Marc Spector. Initially, he was a heavy boxer who later joined the US Marines. After many years in the army, Marc moved to work as a CIA agent and eventually became a professional mercenary.

Moon Knight’s origin of his powers is also complicated by different stories that give different explanations of the origin of his power. It was originally said that after his encounter with the Egyptian god of the Moon Khonshu, mercenary Marc Spector developed supernatural abilities including strength, stamina and reflexes that were all enhanced over ordinary people. many times. What is truly strange, however, is that these “gifts” get bigger as the moon gets fuller and weaken as the full moon turns into a new moon.

Considered as Marvel s Batman but is Moon Knight stronger | Live

Marc Spector was born and raised in a Jewish family in a poor area of ​​Chicago. Because of that, the Marc family always suffered from racist stigmas from those around him, but his father never lost control and resisted. Even as a child, Marc discovered that a close friend of his family – uncle Yitz Perlman was actually a fascist who enjoyed killing Jews. From this event, Marc began to become warlike and suffer from the Symptoms of Multi-Personality Disorder.

How strong can Moon Knight be? According to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe # 9, even on new moonlit nights, Marc Spector can lift objects twice his body weight (more than 200 kg). His power will be significantly increased when approached with more moonlight, this superhero can lift two tons under the light of a full moon. His superhuman strength allows him to do extraordinary feats, from bending large steel bars to defeating supernatural beings.

Considered as Marvel s Batman but is Moon Knight stronger | Live

So how does Moon Knight’s power compare to Batman? While Batman’s powers have changed a lot since his first appearance, modern comic books agree that Bruce Wayne often presses the couch to lift weights that weigh more than 1000 pounds and can also squeeze. feet with 2,500 pounds of weights.

Off the scene, Batman often surpassed his limits and was shown to carry bars heavier than half a ton or lift giants heavier than 500 pounds with just one arm.

But under the light of the full moon, Moon Knight is no less. Although Marc Spector’s “normal” power level is less than half of what Bruce Wayne can lift on a regular day, his ability to lift a two-ton weight on full-moon nights clearly puts him in the category. Super. Unless Batman wears one of his power-boosting suits, he will be left behind by Moon Knight at certain times of the month.

Considered as Marvel s Batman but is Moon Knight stronger | Live

Moon Knight possesses super strength, endurance, and reflections that increase with the brightness of the moonlight. On the full moon he can lift up to 2 tons. In addition, he can clearly see everything in the dark like day and see mysterious creatures that the naked eye cannot see. Other abilities that this hero possesses are, invisible in the dark. In the moonlight, Moon Knight can heal wounds at an amazing speed. But now he no longer possesses any superpowers and is just an ordinary person that is trained with extremely high intensity.

Whether the Moon Knight’s powers were bestowed upon by an Egyptian moon god or his own soul Spector confirms that he has lost his ability to gain power from the transformations of the moon in Moon Knight # September 2007.

This shows that Moon Knight has returned to his usual strength, his strength will still be below Batman’s “normal” muscle strength at all times of the month. But that’s just for the present, there’s always the possibility that Marc Spector will regain his old abilities – possibly in the upcoming Disney + series.

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