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Composing in Vietnam – Watching all over the world: Netflix brings the name of Vietnamese artist, Son Tung M-TP to global audiences

This partnership reaffirms Netflix’s commitment to introducing excellent local content to global users. Thereby, creating conditions for them to be inspired by the artistic creation of a promising Vietnamese star, and accompany artist Son Tung M-TP in their efforts to bring V-Pop music. world.

Following the success of a tour spanning three regions of the country in 2019, artist Son Tung M-TP and his team at M-TP Entertainment are determined to relive the glorious moments of Sky Tour. on the big screen. Son Tung M-TP: Sky Tour Movie is Vietnam’s first documentary music film and immediately resonated with hard-to-break records: 10,000 tickets were sold in just 48 hours. in terms of revenue of VND 5.5 billion after three days of premiere since its debut in mid-June. Highlighting the spirit of the tour and his journey to become “The Prince of V-Pop” by artist Son Tung M-TP , the film won many praise thanks to a thorough and coherent storyline, and the image of Son Tung M-TP was re-enacted as a passionate young artist, professional music maker in Vietnam.

The Sky Tour Movie depicts the emotional journey of Son Tung M-TP, one of the most iconic young artists of contemporary Vietnamese music. Through memorable movies, the film captures the hard journey to create moments that shine on the stage. This movie also opens up multi-dimensional perspectives of a V-Pop superstar and great concerts that artist Son Tung M-TP gives fans instead of sincere gratitude.

Raphael Phang, Head of Content for Southeast Asia at Netflix said: “Artist Son Tung M-TP’s music has spread beyond the borders. Does his artistic talent resonate loudly? only for Vietnamese fans but also in other markets outside Southeast Asia.Today there are millions of people in Vietnam and other regions who love the music of artist Son Tung M-TP, because so Netflix is ​​delighted to have the opportunity to help him strengthen his connection with his fans further by bringing this music documentary to audiences in 190 countries around the world. ”

Composing in Vietnam Watching all over the world Netflix brings the name of Vietnamese artist Son Tung M TP to global audiences | Khám phá

Global audiences can enjoy the amazing performances by artist Son Tung M-TP with 10 subtitle language options. This brings a complete, homogeneous experience and helps international friends learn more about Vietnamese music as well as the creative community here. With the aim of bringing more support to talented Vietnamese people, Netflix is ​​continuing its journey of fulfilling its commitment to bring local featured content to the service, and at the same time bring the names of Vietnamese stars. shining on the world map.

The representative of M-TP ENTERTAINMENT shared: “M-TP ENTERTAINMENT company is very excited about this cooperation with Netflix. This is an important milestone for the Vietnamese music scene, now the national audience. You can enjoy the talent of artist Son Tung M-TP, an artist known as Prince V-Pop.When this documentary is released globally, we hope that the music of He will bring a certain influence to the fans, as well as help Vietnamese culture spread around the world “.

Composing in Vietnam Watching all over the world Netflix brings the name of Vietnamese artist Son Tung M TP to global audiences | Khám phá

Singer, composer and actor Son Tung M-TP said: “Son Tung M-TP’s decision to bring SKY TOUR MOVIE released on Netflix is ​​because of his desire to bring this film to more people, who are There hasn’t been a chance to experience reality at the show or at the cinema this past time, and the Netflix platform also allows Sky fans to actively capture their own impressive moments by rewind beautiful sentences, melodies or pictures that they would like to see carefully, I am also very happy and proud that for the first time, a documentary about Vietnamese music is available on Netflix. Hope everyone can fully enjoy the emotions with Sky Tour Movie on Netflix “.

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