Comparing Suning’s 3 opponents in Group A CKTG 2020: G2 difficult handicap and potential danger named ‘deceiver’

G2 Esports

Even when the fourth name appearing in Group A is Team Liquid, the experts’ outlook on the situation of this group remains unchanged, when they think that G2 and Suning are still two counterparts. At the same time, they are also the top 2 candidates for the ticket to the quarterfinals.

G2 Esports is a name that is so familiar to the Vietnamese gaming community, they are the only Western team with a level equivalent to the big names of Eastern League of Legends. In terms of personnel, it would be no exaggeration to say that G2 is a bit better than Suning in many positions.

G2’s top lane, mid lane, and bot lane are all held by top stars in terms of individual skill, but G2’s biggest strength is that they can transform their gameplay extremely flexibly, but The key to that transformation was Jungler Jankos – a type of player that is often underestimated by his true abilities.

Jankos can play all jungler champions well, which makes Caps and Perkz very comfortable in picking champions. G2 can therefore choose to fight lane, gank early or even control and wait for teamfights. In this respect, Suning is clearly weaker than G2, and if you want to get good results against this opponent, the ability to mutate in the deployment of the game from the ban / pick phase will definitely be the top priority. of lions.

Machi Esports

In the last 4 Worlds, the representatives from the LMS, now merged with the GPL into PCS, have never made it to the group stage. But it is not so that the other teams in Group A can underestimate them, because even if not appreciated for the next ticket, Machi can at least be the name that determines the outcome of the group. In the most common way that underdogs are used to doing – Get rid of.

Overall, the gameplay of Machi Esports, just like many old LMS teams, heavily influenced by the LCK, they preferred to take control in the lanes and put their resources in, waiting for important target fights.

Comparing Suning s 3 opponents in Group A CKTG 2020 G2 difficult handicap and potential danger named deceiver | Esports

Machi’s statistics at PCS Summer 2020 show that their average game time usually ends after 31 minutes, which clearly shows their late-oriented playstyle. However, both G2 and Suning are considered the counterparts of this gameplay. If G2 is a very strong name in teamfights with 3 or more people, then Suning, with the mobility and control of the Jungler, always organizes ganks and turrets early in the game.

As for Suning, if Machi cannot establish an overwhelming position in the road area, their forest resources will surely be exploited, and the snowball rolling towards the end of the game is a scenario. very easy to happen.

Team Liquid

Although finishing the group stage of LCS Summer 2020 with the top position, but in the end Team Liquid also cannot reclaim the throne of League of Legends North America. In terms of personnel, this team, as well as 2 other representatives of NA, Team SoloMid and FlyQuest, are not overestimated at this Worlds 2020. (However, there are also many happy ideas that the departure of Doublelift will help TL “avoid” the elimination of this guy’s group stage).

The replacement for Doublelift, Tactical Young ADC is considered to be one of the most potential apricot stars in the current LCS, however, the common problem for North American ADCs is that they play too reliant on teammates. Meanwhile, Broxah, although also in the style of Object Control Jungle, is not as appreciated as SofM and Jankos.

Comparing Suning s 3 opponents in Group A CKTG 2020 G2 difficult handicap and potential danger named deceiver | Esports

The two most notable positions of TL are Impact and CoreJJ. Despite its peak form, Impact is still a god in the Top Lane position, while CoreJJ always shows itself as a comprehensive support player, strong in the ability to preserve marksmen and call for fights. .

Confronting a former world champion and possessing an extremely filtered, annoying deferred play will be a big challenge for Bin, however, the difference between the level of the 2 Junglers may be. is the key for Suning to determine the outcome of this matchup.

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