Compare Zigbee and Wifi smart curtain motor: which option is better for modern homeowners?

The weight of a curtain is increasingly proportional to features and designs. Many double-layer curtain with UV protection, 6m long and weighing over 30kg become inconvenient for homeowners if they have to be pulled by hand instead of using a motor. The idea that using remote to control automatic curtain motor has satisfied the needs of homeowners, the introduction of intelligent curtain motor has opened new experiences really smart and keep up with the trend. World life 4.0.

5 advantages of intelligent curtain motor compared to automatic curtain motor

One of the advantages for the Smart Curtain Engine to score more than the Automatic Curtain Motor and defeat the traditional Curtain is the ability to combine in the Smart home ecosystem, providing a comfortable and full experience. representing the host.

SO: Smart curtain motors using Zigbee and Wifi waves: which experience is better?

When learning about smart curtain motor products, the concept of wireless connection protocol using Zigbee (or WIFI) also made many people confused because they did not understand these two types of waves. Let’s compare the 2 types of smart curtain motors using Zigbee and Wifi waves to assess the suitability when using smart features in terms of energy consumption, connectivity and expansion.

Compare Zigbee and Wifi smart curtain motor which option is better for modern homeowners | Live

After all, it’s not natural that Zigbee waves are used by many major Smart Home brands in the world. By ,, with simple data message and require quick feedback when controlling smart devices, Zigbee wave is a reasonable choice for smart products thanks to the advantages: optimal energy good , a consistent high-speed connection, scalability and integration with WIFI.

Choose the smart curtain motor from an expert at a smart home solution provider

It is not difficult to buy automatic curtain motors on the market, but the guarantee units for intelligence and stability are not much. Therefore, Lumi Smart Home launches Works With Lumi Life Smart Curtain Motor as a bright spot in the current curtain motor market.

Compare Zigbee and Wifi smart curtain motor which option is better for modern homeowners | Live

The core of Lumi’s name in the smart home market is its ability to master research and technology. This is clearly shown in the Works With Lumi Smart Curtain Motor with IOT core built into the engine, which makes installation extremely convenient in just 20 minutes, but the experience it brings is real. intelligence.

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