Compare Batman and Iron Man: whose house is bigger?

The British Vanquis Bank has compiled a list of the richest and poorest superheroes in the Marvel and DC universe, determining that Batman is the richest of them all.

According to the bank, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises enjoys an estimated annual salary of £ 751,566, equivalent to $ 988,902 when converted to US dollars. This Batman leads the way Iron Man / Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries, who has an annual salary of £ 699,205 ($ 920,006).

Oliver Queen / Green Arrow, CEO of Queen Consolidated, is right behind our Iron Man, earning £ 679,514 ($ 894,098) a year.

After TOP 3 of those rich superheroes, it seems that the other superheroes of both Marvel and DC universe are lagging far behind. Right behind Mr. Queen is Doctor Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange making £ 300,021 ($ 394,765) a year as a neurosurgeon, followed by mercenary Wade Wilson / Deadpool (£ 136,800 – $ 180,000 ) and Professor Charles Xavier (£ 100,329 – $ 132,012), Barbara Gordon / Batgirl makes money as head of the Gotham City Public Library for £ 92,630 ($ 121,881) a year.

Many other heroes in these two universes also serve in the army, but they are not paid well enough to deserve the jobs they take on, including members of the Avengers and Justice League.

As a colonel in the United States Air Force, James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine holds the highest post of military superheroes, but his salary is only £ 63,212 (83,174 USD) per year. Major Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel earned £ 45,466 ($ 59,824), followed by Steve Rogers / Captain America (£ 39,975 – $ 52,599) and Captain Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (£ 39,975 – $ 52,599).

Compare Batman and Iron Man whose house is bigger | Live

This is all about income, what about total wealth? Thanks to the MCU, the audience now knows that Tony is an excellent heir to the huge technology fortune that Howard Stark left behind. The same goes for Bruce Wayne – heir to an empire that stretches from housing to military contracts. “Genius, billionaire, player and philanthropist” is probably the most accurate introduction to the known hero in the Iron Man armor. This character inherits the multibillion-dollar corporation Stark Industries from his parents. Forbes lists Stark Industries as number 16 on its list of the 25 most valuable fictional companies. With billions of dollars earned from royalties, inventions and arms sales, Tony Stark has enough resources to support the Avengers team. He spends up to $ 1.5 billion on Iron Man suits, and estimated net worth: $ 100 billion. Meanwhile, the hero of the DC comic inherits Wayne Enterprises from his parents. Batman holds a third of Gotham City, a huge mansion with a Batcave base hidden deep inside and a bunch of expensive tech toys. He spends about $ 80 million on vehicles and has total assets of up to $ 80 billion.

However, not all heroes have high-paying jobs. Kara Danvers / Supergirl, a reporter for CatCo Magazine, earned £ 37,569 – $ 49,433. Peter Parker / Spider-Man is also active in journalism, but as a freelance photographer he only made £ 14,140 – $ 18,605. However, our “moth spider” is not yet the poorest. The poorest superhero on our list is Scott Lang / Ant-Man, whose job at Baskin Robbins only earned him £ 14,093 – $ 18,543.

Other superheroes included in the survey are Daredevil, Robin, Black Lightning, Superman, Flash Hawkeye, Hulk, Falcon, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman. On average, DC heroes make more money (£ 59,695 – $ 78,546) than Marvel superheroes (£ 54,608 – $ 71,852).

To calculate the payments, the Vanquis bank took the average salary for their listed occupation in the city where they are headquartered. For characters working in places based in fictional locations like Gotham City or Metropolis, the bank will take the average salary from real cities on which those fictional locations are based. Fort.

Compare Batman and Iron Man whose house is bigger | Live

It is about income, but if we say who is the richest, perhaps this position will belong to T’Challa king of Wakanada / Black Panther owns an entire huge Vibranium mine, a rare and hard metal. more than Wolverine’s bones. This is a super durable, rare and of course extremely expensive metal. According to estimates, each gram of vibranium costs up to 10,000 USD, while vibranium reserves in Wakanda up to 10,000 tons. Just holding this huge amount of minerals, Black Panther’s fortune is estimated to be worth about $ 90 trillion, enough to weigh all 4 Iron Man together.

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