Coming to 2021, you can buy a weak + bad Laptop !!

“2021 arrived, a Laptop can now be called Ultrabook, Gaming Book, Graphics Editor Book, really damn it!”

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

In this article, Marvel would like to send you a list of laptop models with good performance, beautiful design, .. worthy of the money you spend the most.

Little disclosure: Laptop DELL XPS 13 is the male god today, the demigod is Chromebooks 2-in-1 “Hybrid Prince” for businessman or “game-human” is fine 😀

It seems that the MacBook only tested one room alone, so it could not rank. Therefore, class 1 does not belong to the Pro series, it is also the Air line only.

Yes, the MacBook Air 2020 is the “supermodel” (when the only defect is that the keyboard has been overcome by the Apple family, not to mention the chip and graphics have also been upgraded to a very strong way).

The other brightest candidates in the chart are: Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, MacBook Pro 16 and HP Elite Dragonfly.

We must also admit to each other that, in the present time, the more compact mobile devices are used, for example: Smartphone, Smartwatch, Smartband, Tablet, …

Yes, but laptops still have an irreplaceable place for everyday tasks like editing photos, writing a bunch of emails, text editor, seminars, online chat, even AAA games….

Therefore, choosing laptops that meet all of the above factors but still have to ensure beautiful design, slim, cool, high-pulse chip / card, buffalo battery, especially cheap, it is a waste. fig.

I am personally using the machine Dell 6530 Genuine purchased on Shopee US Army standard, weighing 3 pounds, super thick, shockproof, water and dust, virus, horror yet @@

#first. Dell XPS 13 (2020): starting from $ 1,000

1 $ ~ 23,000,000 VND

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

Beautiful and luxurious design, according to Dell’s design language, uses 10th generation Intel chip, along with integrated graphics card Ice LakeOverflow screen (4.6mm bezel) 16:10 ratio reaches 91.5% of the body size.

Excellent color accuracy as well as color quality, screen brightness up to 500nit, for working in indifferent outdoor / bright lighting conditions, up to 4K resolution, lower priced versions is equipped with FullHD + 1920x1200p screen.

Currently, the standard configuration is: Core i5-1035G1, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1920x1200p non-touch screen. There is also a lower priced version that uses a Core i3 chip and 4GB of RAM.

Ice Lake 10th generation Intel chip with Iris Plus integrated graphics delivers impressive performance compared to the so-called “integrated graphics” (equivalent to Nvidia MX150 as on the previous Razer Blade Stealth) to help you play. modern games like Overwatch or Rocket Leauge.

Of course you can’t demand more performance in an Ultrabook, when battery life, coolness, thinness and lightness are top priorities.

#2. HP Envy X360 (2020): priced from $ 750

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

Although the price is lower than the Dell XPS 13 laptop, but still equally luxurious, it is the 2-in-1 machine from HP, with a powerful design, convenient Tablet mode and impressive performance.

Inheriting the reputation of the Envy luxury laptop line, now incorporates the innovative design of the 2019 flagship, the Specter x360, HP Envy x360 Be perfect with slim design, full screen display, reaching 88% ratio of body size.

Bright, brilliant touch screen (HP MPP 2.0 pen support, you can choose the screen configuration with brightness from 300 to 400, even 1000 nits), graphic designers will love This point let me see 😛

HP’s keyboard is equipped with a row of hot keys, including shortcut to open microphone and webcam.

The machine uses chips AMD Ryzen 4000 series Nowadays, with Radeon integrated graphics, it is enough for common graphics tasks, basic gaming. Yes, past the time when using discrete graphics, low capacity for laptops …

# 3. MacBook Air (2020): starting at $ 1,000

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

Macbook always has its own mecca, and line Macbook Air 2020 Always favored for its mobility, beautiful and luxurious design.

With the 10th generation Intel chip (the low-power line, slightly lower than the DELL XPS 13), the excellent Retina display, the improved scissor-switch keyboard.

With a basic configuration, the price range of $ 1,000 with an i3 chip, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, in my opinion, you should try to buy an i5 chip to get Turbo bost and a better clock speed.

The keyboard design complaints Apple has suffered in recent years have been fixed on the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro model.

And pcs MacBook Air 2020 has inherited immediately: the reverse T-key layout, 1mm key travel, no infamous Touch Bar because now the shortcuts and function keys in the top row are more than enough.

In particular, the machine has a fingerprint sensor Touch ID allows safe and convenient login and authentication of electronic payments.

The machine uses the Y chip to save power, the base clock is 1.2Ghz, the maximum 4 cores for the i7 model (for any rich family), if you are pretty little, use the 1.1Ghz Core i5 chip is redundant for constant tasks. days and days: Chrome, Zoom, Lightroom (this chip still delivers single-core performance that scores Geekbench on par with the corresponding chips on the 16-inch Macbook Pro).

Looking at your mechanical clock rate, it is enough to know that the machine should not plow heavy for a long time, such as Render or Export video, if you do not want to hear the fan howling and the temperature cannot be dissipated in time through the chassis of the machine (then The boost clock will be limited to half to ensure safe heat dissipation.

Battery life of 5 hours for basic office tasks at max bright, a lot of you will not want to trade lower brightness for battery life, because then, the screen experience will be greatly reduced.

If you want more, check out the 16-inch Macbook Pro series (> ‿ ♥)

# 4. Asus Rog Zephyrus G14: Price from $ 1,450

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

The ASUS Rog series was born for gaming, the youngest brother of the Rog family, but Zephyrus G14 still has strong performance at a comfortable price compared to its seniors, as well as laptops in the price range.

With AMD Ryzen series chips Ryzen 9 4900HS + Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU With a 120Hz display, you can play any game with incredibly high settings. Its weight is only 1.6kg, battery life is around 9 hours, wow, it’s perfect!

If we call the Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 a business laptop, it is not an exaggeration, because of its luxurious appearance but no less nostalgia, the keyboard + touchpad of the Asus family is quiet from the table, only regret that the machine uses a hidden camera, very deep inside the screen (quiz you find out ^^).

# 5. MacBook Pro 16-inch 2020: starting at $ 2,399

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

Well, don’t bother complimenting Macs anymore, it’s powerful, smooth, beautiful, high priced, over!

Only adding to the table is a keyboard with a 1mm “repentance” journey for a heavenly experience compared to the “butterfly” design as before.

With 3 speakers spread out evenly on 2 sides (including 2 woofers), the Bass Tress is separated and clear. “Beautiful machine, beautiful screen, love speaker” is suitable for all subjects, families, except for poverty like me.

# 6. HP Elitebook Dragonfly: priced from $ 1,810

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

HP’s Elite line is the most advanced line for business people, with its super-secure SureView Reflect technology, providing maximum resistance to peeping when you work in public places, in normal mode. High brightness up to 700 nits, with wide viewing angles.

There’s also advanced anti-theft technology Tile trackerIf you lose your device, you can rely on the Tile app (which is activated between laptop and phone) to turn on the alarm on Laptop (if within the allowed radius of Bluetooth).

Or it can also be thanks to the network that the company aims to be globalization Tile crowd-finding network that customers of the company participate (even when the laptop has been powered off but still has the battery).

Dragonfly is generally perfect: 11 hour buffalo battery, unique 2-in-1 design, high-quality keyboard ..

In addition, the company did not forget to emphasize the environmental protection factor when some parts of the machine use “Green” materials such as plastic collected from the sea and recycled DVD.

# 7. Lenovo Chromebook Duet: priced from $ 299

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

This machine is listed in the good price category as an auxiliary / low cost machine for children. With Laptop-Tablet hybrid design, 10-inch screen, quite good finish, keyboard and base comes detachable.

Weighing just 1kg with an 11 hour buffalo battery, the MediaTek chip allows you to: Browse the web, watch Netflix, YouTube and some Android games, or even edit photos are ok.

Chrome OS users have Tablet-mode for an experience similar to a regular tablet, with gesture navigation, interface layout of things …

You don’t have to fret about the software because Chrome OS can run all Android apps, but with the same mother 😀

#8. Razer Blade Pro 17: price from $ 3,200

Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate
Coming to 2021 you can buy a weak bad Laptop | Evaluate

If the laptop is bulky, heavy, the screen is big, playing Max setting of all kinds of games, it will look like a desktop MiniPC, at least like the boring Workstations, but no, with the Blade Pro 17 it looks it still looks “no different from people”.

Despite the 17-inch screen but with a compact body (probably 6-pack sports that have made the name of the Razer Blade series), it must be said that Blade Pro 17 has brought the Gaming Laptop experience to a new level.

With a weight of 2.7kg for a carefree carrying experience, the basic configuration of the machine includes: 8-core i7-10875H chip, optional RTX GPU up to 2080 Super Max-Q, super smooth 300Hz or 120Hz display, RGB keyboard that automatically switches to match the game you’re playing., really high!

But its price is equally high 😀

# 9. summary

Yes, so we have taken a look at the 9 latest Laptop models in 2020, with high-perfection designs, great performance, .. and also amazing prices ◔◡◔

With long-term IT experience, I will choose a machine with RDNA2 architecture, AI technology, super-threaded superman, … well, “If you marry me, a Silver color machine is around 20 million …”ᵔᴥᵔ

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