Coder Diary: A job that is 100% online, now it moves to #Do_Out_Is it easy?

Always available online

It can be said that, of all occupations, perhaps my profession (programmer) is most willing to work from home. As a “coder,” our products are lines of code – something that can be uploaded and downloaded to your computer easily. In fact, anyone who writes code understands that to be able to follow a career, using code management tools over the network is a must.

Therefore, right from the beginning of the epidemic the first complicated developments, the home working plan was considered by my company. Tools for remote work gradually deployed. Security instructions, machine-level orders are issued. Almost in my team, every member is ready, even looking forward to receiving official notification from the boss.

The last day of March, that decision has finally arrived. Once all the tools have been prepared, we start coding at home.

Practical issues

At the forefront of information technology, the idea of ​​working from home will be the simplest job. But in reality we still have certain difficulties.

The first and perhaps most obvious difficulty was: we lost a direct communication channel when working together. When sitting next to each other to work, all questions, all requests can be solved in a few moments with a few sentences. When working remotely, we are forced to switch to using online tools (Slack, email) as the main means of communication, time lag is inevitable.

Coder Diary A job that is 100 online now it moves to Do Out Is it easy | Distractions

Or, a very popular tool for managing the work of the whole group, the Kanban board, now has to be “digitized” online. Instead of just looking back and grasping the situation of the day, we had to stop the code, open the Kanban board in the browser and then come back. The work is therefore somewhat less seamless than before.

Another obstacle is the ability to concentrate. When working from home, I suddenly faced many temptations: music sites, YouTube, news sites … things that were completely blocked at the company. Married siblings often have to spend extra time working for their children. In the early meetings of the day, it is not uncommon for children to run in and call their parents.

It is also not possible to mention equipment obstacles. Many team members have long since discontinued upgrading their PCs, instead continue to use outdated machines to work efficiently. In particular, the machines still use the hard drive (HDD) often very slow to deploy.

Coder Diary A job that is 100 online now it moves to Do Out Is it easy | Distractions

Finally, preparing for access can be considered as a derivative rather than an obstacle. To ensure security, the company had to apply various security mechanisms, from configuring projects to different network ranges, blocking external access to firewalls. When working from home, these security mechanisms need to be changed – and sometimes it takes time for real work to realize we’re missing an element. This problem has no workaround except asking IT support and … waiting.

But the benefits are still very practical

Luckily, after just 2 or 3 days of getting used to it, we gradually solved all our problems. For those groups that need to work together continuously, we decided to play the video during the process, both to facilitate communication, and as a “hidden” way to remind each other to focus more.

With hardware issues, brothers or sisters register to bring the machine home, or “to” more then buy a new machine. These days, electronics stores are running many promotions to make up for lost phone sales, not to mention that my company also has affiliate programs and major retail chains.

Coder Diary A job that is 100 online now it moves to Do Out Is it easy | Distractions

In particular, we do a complete setup Virtual machines on “cloud” of the company. In other words, this way team members can use old PCs or even tablets to control (virtual) machines with enough power for work, installed on the “cloud.” Hardware obstacles are removed, security is also more secure because virtual machines are available on the corporate network, we only have to worry about ensuring the safety of the connection from home to company (via secured accounts. 2 class). Unfortunately, not everyone can work this way, since the network has to be really good.

After about 1 week, we found our working “beat”. Based on the number of completed features, the working speed has returned to almost normal level and may continue to improve in the next week. For some people, the speed of work is even increased due to less time spent traveling. The working experience was also more comfortable when the members had time for lunch and lunch break at home (we decided to delay the afternoon a little to ensure the meal).

An unexpected “side effect” is that many people work more concentratedly than before. In the past, at work, many people had the habit of working “slowly” and often came home late at night. But at home, everyone wants to finish it on time so that they can play games soon, cook soon, play with their kids …

100% online conversion

Coder Diary A job that is 100 online now it moves to Do Out Is it easy | Distractions

In fact, our work is like a lot of knowledge jobs (banking, marketing, design, writing): all a coder needs is a computer – or even a computer. just a tablet. For so long, we have always believed that we can work from home; Covid-19 forced us to test that trust. While there were still some difficulties (small), the faith was finally proven: high-level digitization, onlineization jobs can indeed be done from anywhere, as long as they are online and have computer.

We started talking half-jokingly to our boss that, fortunately, there is “Ms. Vy” that we have proven to him in the ability to get things done even when he is not in the company, I remember to allow We work from home more. It is unclear how the boss will decide later, but certainly every time we go to bid, we have one more reason to persuade customers to switch online: Want employees to complete the job anywhere, Despite the plague, convert as soon as possible!

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