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Co-founder & CTO Riviu Le Dinh Thai: “AI is the future, but in Vietnam the application of AI is still very limited”

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is considered a bright spot, the future of humanity. The establishment of artificial intelligence has made the data processing scaled to a large scale, more systematic, accurate and productive than humans. Therefore, many corporations, large companies or young businesses are willing to invest heavily to optimize the functionality of AI in their products.

Like most countries in the world, Vietnam considers AI as the core technology platform to develop all fields. In-depth AI research groups suitable for businesses are gradually forming in Vietnam, from which startups in fields such as health, education, finance, agriculture … will have more technology solutions. to put into practice. In addition, the cloud infrastructure is also thriving, forming a large connection that makes AI more and more close to human life.

However, reality reflects a different truth. Despite a good development, our country’s environment is not really ideal to maximize the potential of AI and very few Vietnamese businesses have overcome this barrier.

According to Mr. Le Dinh Thai – Co-founder & CTO Riviu, the application of artificial intelligence in businesses in general and startups in particular in Vietnam is very few, small, lack of focus, yet. There is mutual exchange, so it is difficult to form a large data source in the community. In addition, the human resource of AI engineers is limited as well as the economic potential is not enough for serious development in the long run.

Mr. Le Dinh Thai (first from the left) and his colleagues at Riviu

It can be easily seen that Vietnamese startups have not properly evaluated and focused on exploiting the maximum efficiency of artificial intelligence. Developing an AI platform is essential for a steady step forward, with a vision from the early stages of product development. Instead of focusing on both product and data preparation, startups focus mostly on building products. So in the long run, the startup does not quickly apply AI to its products or promote the efficiency of AI.

In short, most Vietnamese businesses are not well-informed about AI as well as their AI applications, and investment in AI is not correct and effective.

However, when looking at the real development of Riviu, it can be seen that businesses have the ability to apply AI early to develop products.

Launched in 2019, from a Facebook community called St. Riviu, but with the investment and synchronization of AI, by February this year, Riviu was officially established, launched website and application. attract tens of thousands of unique and quality content.

The culmination of this development can be attributed to Riviu’s successful fundraising in the midst of the context influenced by the Covid-19 translation.

Co founder 038 CTO Riviu Le Dinh Thai AI is the future but in Vietnam the application of AI is still very limited | Tech ice tea

Sharing about overcoming the above difficulties, Mr. Le Dinh Thai – Co-Founder and CTO Riviu affirmed: “The important thing in doing business and making products is to understand our customers and services”. Therefore, Riviu is built from a core value of data and a complete and lasting AI application “.

Before starting to make products, Riviu always has a careful preparation, the system is set up to collect big data to serve AI Riviu well. With over 5 years of experience in the F&B industry and a community of more than 10 million users on all social networking platforms, websites and applications, the data source is large enough to help Riviu apply AI well to users. More wonderful experience.

The actual user experience also shows that AI helps Riviu understand and capture outstanding trends in food, travel, and places that users are interested in, then splits up for suggestions. suitable for each person. From this detailed and strict orientation, Riviu has brought to users the experience of care and understanding.

“With AI-oriented development directions, Riviu is applying AI to categorize content and images according to food topics, preferences, and popularity, and then Riviu’s AI system will suggest the contents. most suitable for users “, Mr. Le Dinh Thai shared.

In addition to understanding and understanding user psychology, Riviu also emphasizes usability for a more perfect experience. From applying AI to perfecting features, Riviu has a better understanding of the needs as well as the key to customer decisions. This is convenient in both service enhancement as well as AI feature optimization.

Mr. Le Dinh Thai added: “With the current development and trust from users, in the future, Riviu will use AI to solve the problems of partners who are restaurants, cafes and hotels. , … and find new customers, optimize operations. Besides, it also meets the specific needs of users such as healthy eating, optimal travel schedule … “.

From the correct understanding of the importance and good application AI has made Riviu becomes a reputable site for users to unleash experience. With the current development rate, it is promised that in the coming time, Riviu will still “flourish” in many other fields on the basis of well exploiting artificial intelligence.

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