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Close-up of “hot spot” in Teenagers 3Q

Someone let’s make a newcomer series!

It was like an urgent need that many people first came to Teenager 3Q are eager to share and guide. There are at least 20 themes for beginners that are synthesized by gamers and wholeheartedly transferred to rookie brothers.

Most of the beginner themes are taken from the experience of 3Q Teenagers in the foreign version and some tips to play in the Vietnamese version.

This topic is supported by both learners and seasoned people. It can be said that in the coming time, there will be many interesting things that the community of this strategy game bravely shared and discussed.

According to which side, which team build (formation) is good, how to foster the hero effectively?

The next concern that the 3Q Teenager Gamer discusses passionately is the nation, the generals & the battlefield. People who do not know where to “use the body” should “follow which side, Ngo, Wei or Thuc, guys?”; “Farmers are Thuc or Wu?”; “Is playing Pants alright?”; … These familiar questions are everywhere everywhere, but joining a certain side depends on character shaping preferences, the impression of the national context, or sometimes just soliciting, soliciting from brothers and friends.

Close up of hot spot in Teenagers 3Q | Mobile & Social

Whatever side is, the key is what level your skills are in!

For those who have chosen the country to join the battle, the recruitment, fostering of generals and formation of the team, the battle formation is extremely important. Winning, losing and creating prestige in the server is at this point.

Close up of hot spot in Teenagers 3Q | Mobile & Social

Gamers share the lineup they currently have, and see if they are ok?

Where is the code? Who can I code with!

Code Teenager 3Q is currently a fever in the community of players. Many gamers asked for code, how to load & receive gifts from the code. It is known that there are many types of code designed by 3Q Teenagers in the game launch stage. Most of the items in the code are important and useful for newbies, so they are interested in and find all ways to own the code is very understandable.

Close up of hot spot in Teenagers 3Q | Mobile & Social

Everyone who wants to have a code to play 3Q Teenager more conveniently.

Need a “roof” in the same direction

That is the common spirit of many gamers in the community, because the fact that the game has only been released for a few days, most of the players are “solo” and have not found a clan or a group to play with. Currently, most of the gaming groups are looking for like-minded people on the same team. From state, server to players in the provinces and cities across the country are also looking for each other, to be close to each other, play together and also build community by themselves, facilitate & stick together during the journey. Year 3Q.

Close up of hot spot in Teenagers 3Q | Mobile & Social

Search allies, share the road to make the game more fun.

Currently, gamers 3Q Teenagers have “picked up” the common quality code includes TN3QVIP1TR; TN3QVIP2TR; TN3QVIP3TR; TN3QSERVERMOI; TN3QVIP; LUBOVIP. In addition, players will receive all early registration gift landmarks with Book EXP-Trung items; Fostering Application; Refined-High Stone; Han Quang Chuan; Chest to select a Therapist Red when entering code TN3QGS9DKS.

Close up of hot spot in Teenagers 3Q | Mobile & Social

Early registration milestone.

Teenager 3Q launched on November 5, now receiving a lot of love from Vietnamese gamers. It is known that in the coming time, the game board will have programs & incentives to help players stick to the game more.




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