Clid was criticized by the Korean fan community for … having a girlfriend?

Yesterday, Clid – Player of the Jungle Gen.G Esports, suddenly became a subject of controversy and encountered quite heavy criticism, the reason is because this guy was discovered … going to eat with his girlfriend.

This seemingly unbelievable story stems from the fact that netizens suddenly discovered an Instagram account that posted a story of having a meal at a restaurant, and tagged Clid’s account with very smelly content.

Shortly thereafter, the fan community of Clid and Gen.G attacked the owner of this account – allegedly a girlfriend of Clid, for that she was trying to use Clid’s reputation to pull the name. year old. After that, this Instagram account was forced to switch to private mode, and remove the aforementioned story.

It seems that Gen.G and Clid fans are outraged because they think this girl has a “earning fame” sign, and after the story above, she also posted a picture of dinner. with her boyfriend on Instagram personally, but later due to receiving too many bricks, she had to delete it.

Clid was criticized by the Korean fan community for having a girlfriend | Esports

However, depending on the views and opinions of each individual, it is difficult to judge Clid’s girlfriend’s actions as right or wrong. Because it is normal for couples to love each other to make their relationship public.

However, with her boyfriend as famous as Clid, this girl’s move really brings trouble. Although not an idol or an actor, the fact is that Korean Esports players are still very influential names, and are closely monitored by the media and the community.

Clid was criticized by the Korean fan community for having a girlfriend | Esports

In the context of only a few days left LCK In the summer of 2020, Clid going out with his girlfriend made the fans uncomfortable, when they thought that this player showed a distracting attitude to practice. However, it’s hard to blame Clid for unknown reasons, because the fact that the players have a personal relationship is also not a bad thing, maybe criticizing Clid is just an excuse for the online community. assaulting his girlfriend because of his ambiguous attitude?

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