Chrome 87 Official Release: The biggest performance update in recent years

Google will end 2020 with the latest update of its Chrome browser. Chrome development director Matt Waddell affirmed: “This Chrome 87 update is the biggest performance improvement in years”. A series of internal changes have made Chrome much faster and more powerful, Waddell said.

The first is for browsing tabs. Chrome 87 will prioritize active tabs over other tabs in the background. Google said: “We made improvements to reduce CPU usage by up to 5 times and extend battery life by 1.25 hours. We do it without sacrificing background features that users love, like playing music or receiving notifications.

The next improvement shows that Chrome 87 launches 25% faster than before, and loads 7% faster web pages. This improvement is achieved because Chrome 87 recognizes which tabs are first to the user and optimizes resources.

Instant backward and forward features.

Meanwhile, on Android, Google advertises the ability to instantly load pages when navigating backward or forwarding pages in browsing history. “In Chrome 87, the backward and forward cache will immediately execute about 20% of the web pages in browsing history. This number will increase to 50% in the near future, “Google said.

Chrome 87 Official Release The biggest performance update in recent years | Internet

With the advent of tab grouping and tab pinning from previous versions, Chrome 87 will begin to let users see a complete list of all that is open and allow them to search among dozens of tabs. browsing. A down arrow icon in the rightmost corner on the tab bar will allow for that.

Chrome 87 Official Release The biggest performance update in recent years | Internet

The address bar now also includes the ability to show browser actions for some common tasks. For example, you can choose to clear browsing data, delete history, or edit a password for a web address.

Chrome 87 Official Release The biggest performance update in recent years | Internet

Chrome 87 is also updated with a new PDF viewer, completely changing the poor experience before. There will be a toolbar on the left that shows all the previews, you can use it to navigate to any page you want. An additional note feature with many options. View is added two pages at once.

In addition, Google has also updated a series of new safety and security features for Chrome 87. Notably, the feature that blocks macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users from downloading unsafe file types. The browser will also warn if the website is loaded over the HTTPS protocol but sends the content over HTTP.

Reference: 9to5google

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