Christopher Nolan’s TENET blockbuster hacks the brain so much that even the main actor cannot fully understand the script

Recently, Warner Bros. has released the 2nd trailer of TENET, the latest production by renowned director Christopher Nolan. This time, Nolan will continue to maintain his “brain-damaging” movie with the concept of time manipulation, and specifically reverse the flow of time to help the protagonist see what is going to happen in the future. near the.

Just like what the audience can expect of a Nolan work, the script of TENET is still a mystery despite having released two trailers in the past few months. Even the identities of the main characters have not been revealed, in addition to they have to take on a risky mission to prevent a conspiracy risk of causing World War 3. On the big movie forums also few people can afford to analyze the script of this movie, because they simply lack too much data needed to build a logical, easy-to-understand plot – an utopia when talking about Nolan’s film. .

Similar to Interstellars or Inception, TENET will also make the audience headache because of the script of the movie.

Fan “lú” so had to, but even the main actor did not really understand the script of the film TENET and encountered many difficulties in the production process. The film’s main star, John David Washington, admitted that he had to constantly ask Nolan about a series of brain hacking details when shooting: “Every day I have to ask some questions for this director. But fortunately he was quite chill and patiently explained bit by bit to us. The most important thing when making a movie is that the actors have to know the script and follow the plot to get the best acting. Nolan was extremely patient with us“.

John also admitted he was quite astonished when Warner Bros. revealed so much information in 2 trailers TENET. This makes fans suspect that some of the most important details have appeared, just that we accidentally missed, or noticed but couldn’t understand. Up to the present time, the specific information about the script of this movie is still a plentiful zero, and the audience will surely have to watch it over and over again, online to watch the show. famous movie pages can understand it all. But that’s okay, because most of Nolan’s works are the same.

Christopher Nolan s TENET blockbuster hacks the brain so much that even the main actor cannot fully understand the script | Manga/Film

Even the main actor of TENET did not fully understand the script and often had to wonder with director Nolan during the shooting process.

Besides scripting bold fiction and hacking the brain, the project TENET This time also welcome the return of Lee Smith. Lee is a professional technician who has worked on many of Nolan’s films, and he knows how the director works to highlight his ideas in the most unique and virtual way possible. . Earlier, Lee also revealed that he would definitely have clear scenes TENET causing the audience to scratch their heads because they did not understand anything.

As expected, TENET will premiere on 7/17 here. However, before the still complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. is considering changing the broadcast schedule of this movie. That is why in the latest trailer, they only give a brief notice “Coming soon”, not set a specific date.

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