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Choose to buy a movie tablet to note what?

Referring to the selection of technology products in general and tablets in particular, the majority of users will inevitably focus on the most ‘visible’ factors such as processor chips, graphics chips and amount of RAM. Perhaps this is also understandable, when these are the ‘brain’ components that affect the speed of the machine, thereby giving the smoothest feeling during use.

However, a tablet computer, especially those aimed at entertainment with movies, also needs many other factors to provide a comprehensive experience. What are these factors? We will find out through the ‘dissection’ of the newly launched mid-range Galaxy Tab A7 tablet of Korean electronics company Samsung.

Processing configuration is still guaranteed

Choose to buy a movie tablet to note what | Digital toys

Although it is said that configuration should not be the first factor when choosing a tablet for entertainment in general and watching movies in particular, these factors are still guaranteed by Samsung for the Tab A7 tablet. It owns Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor with 8 processor cores, Adreno 610 graphics GPU, accompanied by 3GB RAM and 32 / 64GB internal memory. These are not the most powerful processing configurations on the market, but they are always enough to make everything smooth and smooth.

Big screen, lively speakers

Processing configuration is not the best, then what are the most important factors for entertainment tablets? The answer lies in the listening – seeing, or to put it simply, the quality of the screen and speaker system. The Galaxy Tab A7 is located at a mid-range price, but almost retains the auditory and visual elements of high-end products.

It owns a large LCD screen up to 10.4 inches, allowing users to comfortably enjoy the full smallest details of a comic book, or immerse in blockbuster movies. The screen with rich colors, along with the resolution of WUXGA + (2000 x 1200) very close to Full HD standard will best support the needs of watching movies, playing games or reading comic books.

Not only does it have a spacious and comfortable screen, but the Galaxy Tab A7 also stands out for the sound system. Located on two sides of the machine are not only 2 but up to 4 speakers that support Dolby Atmos surround sound technology like what Samsung has done in its highest-end tablet duo Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus. In addition to the ability to increase the loudness and spread of the sound, the 4-speaker system also ensures that users will not cover their hands and cause noise when using the machine, thus indirectly providing the benefits of ergonomics ( comfort when holding the device).

Thin and light design and large battery capacity to ‘swing around’

The tablet is said to be a device that balances the size, has a large screen size to provide a better entertainment experience than smartphones, in contrast, it is much thinner and lighter than 2 laptops. it’s also a lot easier to take it around. Galaxy Tab A7 is no exception, although equipped with a large 10.4-inch screen (already close to a laptop), it only weighs 477g and an impressive 7mm thinness, when put in your bag, strap Crossing does not take up much space and also helps users avoid cases of ‘neck pain’.

Choose to buy a movie tablet to note what | Digital toys

Along with that, being equipped with a large capacity battery up to 7040mAh is also a strength for those who ‘like to move’, making the Galaxy Tab A7 can be used for entertainment, even for work. a long day without worrying about power down.

Samsung Kids application for children to play and learn

Today’s tablet is not only a product for personal entertainment, but seems to have become a device for the whole family, when both parents and children can share one. . Samsung understands this, besides the applications commonly found on other devices, the Galaxy Tab A7 Samsung Kids is almost a separate mode for children.

Choose to buy a movie tablet to note what | Digital toys

Samsung Kids parent management interface

This application allows parents to limit the amount of time they use their child’s device (can only be changed when they know the device’s unlock password), track which applications have been used and choose which ones What content is allowed to use.

Choose to buy a movie tablet to note what | Digital toys

Fun games and arousing creativity

For kids, Samsung Kids offers’ while playing ‘and learning’ apps like ‘Crocro’s Adventure’ game, creating music with ‘Lisa’s Band’ and unleashing art. with drawing applications. The interface in Samsung Kids is made big for easy press, along with it is equipped with colorful colors to better suit the kids.

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