China sent an “army” of 10,000 ducks to the border to destroy 400 billion grasshoppers

China is plagued by a disease caused by the Covid-19 virus, but there is another very dangerous epidemic that is at stake. That’s 400 billion grasshoppers approaching China from the India-Pakistan border.

The most feared grasshopper in recent decades, is attacking several countries in East Africa as well as Pakistan, which declared a national emergency. Meanwhile, India has to import drones to be able to control this locust problem.

CGTV reported that 10,000 ducks were sent to the India-Pakistan border to fight grasshoppers.

Recently, China Television Global CGTV shared an interesting information about the preparation against this locust of more than 400 billion animals. It’s an army of more than 100,000 ducks, ready to be taken to the India-Pakistan border.

“Army” 10,000 ducks are brought to the border to combat locusts.

These brown ducks love to eat insects, which have been used to kill locusts before. Some farmers also think that they are more effective than pesticides, because a brown duck can eat grasshoppers within 4m2 of land per day.

China sent an army of 10 000 ducks to the border to destroy 400 billion grasshoppers | Explore

Online community hope that the duck army will win.

The more than 400 billion grasshoppers of grasshoppers completely destroyed the plants on their way. The Pakistani government must declare a national emergency, after 40% of its crops were completely destroyed. The UN has warned that this locust could threaten 25 million people in Sudan for lack of food.

Reference: CGTV

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