China makes a tiny robot that can swim to anywhere on the human body through blood vessels

Recently, a team in Shenzhen has created a micro-robot capable of moving in human blood vessels and connecting neurons in the brain.

Lead researcher Xu Tiantian said: “If you just describe it like that, it sounds like an ancient Poison worm like Kim Tam. However, we have no intention of creating biological weapons.”

“Our goal is to create a new healing technology for humans.”She adds.

In the past few years, many laboratories around the world have started researching and creating micro robots, but they only perform simple manipulations. The robot, created by Xu Tiantian’s team, can perform more complex tasks such as jumping over obstacles, swimming through narrow gaps, etc.

These micro robots aren’t powered by batteries, but by an external magnetic field generator. They are constructed with a Neodymium-Iron-Bo magnet head, and a tail made of composite material.

Xu Tiantian believes that his project will help the health sector in the future, such as bringing treatment drugs to tumors in dangerous places. In addition, this micro-robot also has the potential to be used in implants in the human brain, thereby allowing us to direct commands without the use of a mouse or keyboard. Does that sound like some science fiction movie about the future?

China makes a tiny robot that can swim to anywhere on the human body through blood vessels | Explore

This robot image is performing a man-controlled operation

Of course, she and her team also thought of the possibility that someone would try to use this technology to turn them into murder weapons, but there were still many barriers to preventing this from happening – mainly. comes from the way the robot works thanks to an external magnetic field generator.

These barriers will be overcome in the future as technology develops, but I hope that the day our creativity is used for evil will never come, “Xu Tiantian said.

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