China is set to launch the Mars probe in July

Sheet China Youth Daily The Mars probe will be launched into space on Long March-5 rockets in July. Long March-5 Y4 has completed a 100-second test with a hydrogen-oxygen engine.

This is also the last test before conducting the missile assembly. According to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (CASC), the country will send probes to orbit and land, and then start deploying self-propelled robots on Mars.

By 2020, the Long March-5 rocket will perform a number of missions, including launching Mars probes and transporting samples collected on the Moon from the Hang Nga-4 probe. A total of 24 hydrogen-oxygen rocket engine tests will be conducted this year to cater to this mission.

China is set to launch the Mars probe in July | Explore

Landing on Mars is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for Chinese space scientists. In November 2019, China unveiled an experiment that simulated the process of hovering, avoiding obstacles and landing on Mars.

Xinhua said the experiment was conducted on a special plot of land located in Huai Lai district, Hebei, China.

How to land safely on Mars is one of the biggest challenges for the Mars exploration mission. Experiments simulating the gravitational force of Mars when the gravity on this planet is only 1/3 compared to the gravity on Earth.

Previously in 2012, China had set an ambitious goal of putting humans first on Mars in 2030.

Refer to Xinhua News Agency

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