China cut 100 million tons of carbon emissions in just 2 weeks

The influenza epidemic caused by Covid-19 has a severe impact on human life and the global economy, but there are still people who directly benefit from the virus. The article is not talking about speculators mask or handwash, which is the Earth’s environment.

In just the past two weeks, the amount of carbon emissions on Chinese soil has dropped by at least 100 million tons, a result of a scientific report from the Center for Energy and Clean Air (CREA) of Finland. That amount is equivalent to 6% of global emissions compared to the same period last year.

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At present, Covid-19 has infected more than 75,725 people, causing more than 2,126 deaths, and doctors have cured 16,233 people; In the context of a highly contagious virus, the demand for oil and coal has decreased significantly, resulting in a decrease in emissions.

New research also shows that in the past two weeks, coal-fired power plants achieved the lowest output in the same period in the past four years, while steel output also reached a record low in the same period. year back here. China is the largest importer and user of crude oil in the world, but the production of refined oil from the Shandong factory is also at its lowest level since the spring of 2015.

CREA also conducted another study using satellite data and found that: in the week immediately after Tet, the amount of nitro dioxide – a by-product of internal combustion engine – has decreased by 36% compared to the same period last year.

Normally, the Chinese economy will wake up after Tet, on January 25 every year, but because the government increases the holiday time – a measure to ensure safety for people in the event of a rapidly spreading pandemic – so all industries have leveled off.

China cut 100 million tons of carbon emissions in just 2 weeks | Explore

Ways to prevent the corona virus from spreading has led to a drop in production of key industries by 15 to 40%.”, The report said. “It is likely that this is the reason for two weeks of CO2 emissions decreased by 25% or more over the same period every year”.

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However, environmentalists warn that the reduction in emissions is only temporary, and that if China tries to increase production of industries to compensate for the past period, the benefits that the environment has to offer are: will disappear.

After the corona virus epidemic settles down, it is likely that we will see ‘counterattack pollution’ – when factories push maximum capacity to make up for the downturn.“, Said Li Shuo, adviser to China Greenpeace. “This is a proven pattern in the past”.

China cut 100 million tons of carbon emissions in just 2 weeks | Explore

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