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China confirmed 25 deaths, 830 cases of corona virus infection

25 people died because corona virus in China, the Chinese National Health Commission confirmed in the morning of January 24, local time. The update also confirms that the number of new respiratory viral infections has increased to 830.

The plague still has many mysteries believed to have originated in late 2019 from an illegal wildlife market in Wuhan, China.

As of January 23, Thailand recorded 4 cases, Japan and Vietnam each reported 2 cases, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States had 1 case each. A second case of suspected corona virus infection is being tested in the United States and five people have been screened in Scotland.

The patients in these cases are either Wuhan residents or have been to this city.

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that although the epidemic is in an emergency situation in China and the agency is monitoring its movements to the minute, this is still not a global medical emergency. .

Symptoms of the illness include fever, cough and shortness of breath. China says the virus is mutating and there is evidence of human-to-human respiratory transmission. The majority of affected people are older people with underlying health problems.

China confirmed 25 deaths 830 cases of corona virus infection | Game Online

Three research teams have started work on developing the vaccine, with plans to launch a vaccine that could be tested in June. Initial studies suggested that the virus spread to humans from snakes, but medical advice Chinese government Zhong Nanshan also identified rats and other mammals as possible sources of disease.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million, is in a blockade, closing public transport services and departing flights. The neighboring provinces are also taking similar measures. In Beijing, a number of crowded events including the New Year’s fairs and the Forbidden City are also closed.

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