Chicken Invaders 4 – ‘Addictive’ and killing time for brothers at home to escape

Chicken Invaders is a funny chicken shooting game on the computer and is the 4th version in the famous chicken shooting game series for nearly ten years. With beautiful and funny 3D images, graphics, unique sounds, this game has been addictive for generations of players around the world. The game is not difficult to play, does not bring violent images but is highly entertaining. The publisher also released many versions of chicken shooting game to attract players to bring newness in the gameplay and game interface. Chicken Invaders 4 game is one of the attractive versions of chicken shot on Easter.

Game Chicken Invaders – Ultimate Omelette aka Game Chicken Invaders 4 Fascinated first of all by the dramatic plot. Your mission is to shoot the alien chickens to collect weapons, property and protect yourself. You will be provided with different weapons and ammunition, but you have to kill chickens to eat other weapons, the higher the level, the bigger the bullets.

Extremely unique storyline revolves around the battle with chickens that takes players from one surprise to another. Not stopping there, the game also challenges that not all gamers are willing to overcome. If in real life, when chickens lay eggs you have to catch them but in the game you do this will lose your life.

Chicken Invaders 4 is an addictive game for all ages, all generations from old to young due to the characteristics of conquering high scores, and bringing extremely comfortable entertainment moments for you. The lovely chickens will become targets under your gun barrel, the enemy to you, the more you kill the more chickens you will come to the title of a great warrior.

Chicken Invaders 4 Addictive and killing time for brothers at home to escape | PC/Console

How to play Chicken Invaders 4

In the chicken shooting game you will have access to a team of chickens landing on earth from distant planets to perform the task of revenge for their ancestors. The chickens are cute but in this game, they are very dangerous beasts. Therefore, there is no other way you have to destroy them to protect your planet.

In Chicken Invaders game has many modes and levels of play for you to choose, but no matter how you play, your task is to destroy the increasingly dangerous and cunning chickens. You will be upgraded weapons when receiving color swirl icons or the choice to change weapons, receive Boss, meteorite, Comet, or gift boxes after each level. Chickens also constantly lay egg bombs and you must stay away from them because they will make you explode.

Chicken Invaders 4 Addictive and killing time for brothers at home to escape | PC/Console

The way to play chicken shoots is not complicated but requires you to hurry your eyes, observant with a little strategy. To achieve a high score in the chicken shooting game, in addition to the flexibility of the game, you also have the ability to accurately aim, combined with flexible control on the screen when using bullets. After each level, killing chickens will increase points, increase energy and strength for you.

Chicken Invaders 4 journey through 12 stars in the universe with having to fight with 120 army of chickens. Players need to train their fighting skills better to continue fighting with the chickens. In Chicken Invaders 4 you will be equipped with 9 super weapons and upgraded to level 11 to fight with the growing chicken force in the game.

Chicken Invaders 4 includes 20 secrets that are waiting for players to unlock, along with 15 medals for the chicken shooting feat and 30 special bonuses. Enter the game and enjoy the dangerous, dramatic but no less entertaining and bring pleasure to this player.

You should not hesitate, immediately experience the chicken shooting game and enjoy the full entertainment refreshing after stressful working hours.

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