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ChatGPT prepares a 10-minute lesson plan, what do teachers think about the risk of being replaced?

ChatGPT prepare lesson plan in 10 minutes

With only 35,000 VND, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hoa (teacher of Chu Van An Primary School – Hanoi) owns an account using ChatGPT. Because this super AI is not yet supported in Vietnam, she searched, changed the IP address and used the overseas link to log in.

Ms. Hoa familiarizes herself with ChatGPT with simple questions of adding and subtracting negative numbers, decimals, and some mathematical formulas. “Amazing, just a few seconds, ChatGPT gives 100% accurate results”, she said.

Increasing the difficulty of the question, she asked to write a paragraph describing the cat in Vietnamese. ChatGPT returns a paragraph about 200 words long with a somewhat confusing cat description. However, when switching to English, ChatGPT’s paragraphs are much improved, the sentences are short, the content is okay.

Many teachers are excited to experience ChatGPT. (Artwork: LD)

This female teacher also asked ChatGPT to prepare a lecture for 5th grade students about the elements of earth and water. After 10 minutes, ChatGPT gave a lecture of about 500 words. The content of the text raises the concept of earth and water elements in nature. When comparing the Vietnamese results, the English content is more accurate.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hoa assessed, ChatGPT can prepare a lesson in a few short minutes, but it is a very long distance to use it to teach students. ChatGPT’s lectures still lack a lot of content as well as pedagogical skills, teaching methods, in-depth questions… This AI just stops at providing information.

“What surprised me the most is that ChatGPT can imitate the questions, expressions, and communication habits of users very quickly, after only a few conversations,” Hoa said. If ChatGPT is adapted for use in Vietnam, she believes it will be one of the most useful information search tools for teachers, students and parents.

‘ChatGPT cannot replace teachers’

Give the formula and chemical properties of oxygen?” – was the first question I asked ChatGPT. In less than 1 minute, ChatGPT answered with the correct result”, Mr. Huynh Thanh Phu, Principal of Nguyen Du High School (HCMC) shared.

He also asked ChatGPT to make a speech to students, teachers and parents about the application of science and technology in schools. This AI completes a 200-word speech in just a few minutes, with fluent, clear expressions when used with the English version. “I am satisfied with the results of ChatGPT”, teacher said. To get an accurate answer from ChatGPT, he advises users to ask questions “as detailed as possible”.

ChatGPT can only provide information related to science and technology, but in the field of traditional culture, most of the content is wrong and inaccurate with the Vietnamese context.

ChatGPT prepares a 10 minute lesson plan what do teachers think about the risk of being replaced | Technological iced tea

ChatGPT gives a paragraph with confusing, inaccurate content.

Before the information that ChatGPT is too smart, gradually replacing the teaching profession, Mr. Phu affirmed that, with a specific field such as education, ChatGPT cannot do the teaching task of the teacher. “Teachers not only teach book knowledge, but also teach children morality, humanity, how to live and love others. This cannot be done by any artificial intelligence.” Principal of Nguyen Du High School said.

However, Mr. Phu also encouraged teachers and students to experience and use ChatGPT to improve and enrich their knowledge. If teachers know how to make good use of ChatGPT, teaching will be more leisurely and make students more interested.

For example, teachers can assign homework that requires students to learn by themselves the basic knowledge “chemical formula of oxygen”, “how to calculate valence”, “how is the human genome”… After the children read and learn on their own, the teacher will summarize the knowledge and open up deeper things.

According to Dr. Nguyen Van Dong, Academy of Posts and Telecommunications Technology (Hanoi), in 1970, computers and the Internet were born, at that time many people feared that human calculations would be replaced. But reality proves that no matter how smart the computer system and the Internet, complex calculations still need people.

ChatGPT has only been born for a few months, but it has become a trend that is of interest to the whole world. The biggest difference when searching for information on ChatGPT and Google is the amount of information. With the keyword “Bigdata”, Google produces millions of search results including content explaining terms, articles, information, research agencies related to Bigdata…, users are easily “smothered” breathe” in the body of knowledge. With the same search keyword, ChatGPT will pay us a complete and concise paragraph of about 100 – 300 words, easy for readers to understand the problem.

Dr. Dong opposes doubting that ChatGPT will replace the teacher’s teaching position. He said, education is not only providing knowledge but also a two-way exchange process between teachers and learners. Most of ChatGPT’s answers are background knowledge, synthesized from books, research documents… while, for students to understand the problem, it is necessary to have interpretation, description, comparison. This can only be done by a teacher.

“ChatGPT is just one of many artificial intelligence technologies today. Teachers should experience to understand and guide students to use it properly and effectively, not for cheating purposes.” Dr. Dong said.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, Rector of Hanoi National University of Education, said that the progress of science and technology is an inevitable trend, the most important issue is how we use it. Fearing progress and holding back the development of science is a backward trend.

“Teaching is not only about imparting knowledge, but also about finding out the individual abilities and capabilities of each student to promote their development. In education, the individuality of each teacher, student, and student. very high and nothing can replace human. I think, we should not be concerned, but should encourage intelligent, humane and scientific users.” GS Minh said.

Changing the way of teaching when ChatGPT is popular

The fact that ChatGPT easily completes an essay or essay makes many teachers worry that students will be lazy to think, copy and cheat on test assignments.

According to Mr. Huynh Thanh Phu, Principal of Nguyen Du High School, if ChatGPT is popular, there will certainly be cases where students copy to do writing or calculate and find answers on that application.

To prevent this cheating, he said that teachers need to be more careful in teaching and clearly assess the ability of each student. When giving a test in Literature, 60 students in the class will be 60 different ways of thinking and expressing themselves. While ChatGPT only returns a single result, teachers will easily detect if there is a duplication.

Dr. Nguyen Van Dong also said that the birth of ChatGPT is also the time when we redefine how to evaluate students. The questions are not merely to test concepts, definitions… but let them state their views, thoughts, and vocabulary. “ChatGPT will promote the process of learning, interacting and evaluating around the word “real” between people”, This expert shared.

The current educational trend is that instead of testing only one answer, teachers are more interested in understanding their true ability, the test is open, allowing students to speak up. own thoughts, opinions, and arguments. The important thing is not only to give a correct answer but also “how the students find this information”. The answers given by students will reflect the teacher’s ability to interact and orient the lesson well.

At some universities in the US, to prevent copying of content from the internet, students’ essay scores only weight 30% of the total semester final score. After students complete the exercises and submit them online to the teacher, they will have to undergo an interview or face-to-face interview (the weight of this section accounts for 50 – 60%). Thereby, teachers assess the level of understanding and quality of the thesis is real or copied.

Launched at the end of November 2022, ChatGPT is an AI (artificial intelligence) application trained to give answers like a conversation with a real person. By January 31, ChatGPT reached 100 million users globally.

According to Similarweb statistics, OpenAI’s website had more than 304 million visits in December, an increase of more than 1,500% compared to the previous month. In Vietnam, there are no specific statistics, but according to Google Trends, in the past few days, “ChatGPT”, “OpenAI” have continuously been in the top of the most searched keywords; account opening recipients receive hundreds of requests per day, showing Vietnamese interest in this tool.

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