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Celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Rat, GameHome “Spring” with promotions like thousands of people love

Tet to spring is the time when the family reunites, pants and pants together to welcome the luck of the new year. However, after many New Year parties, celebrating the spring, everyone needs to have moments of rest and relaxation for themselves. And for our gamers, what is more interesting than being with friends and brothers, “flying rank” in the first days of spring and new year?

Grasping that mentality, GameHome, the most famous brand of computer room in Ha Thanh, “opened the spring” with an extremely unique and extremely interesting promotion program. Nhu Y Applying from the 4th to the 8th of the Lunar New Year (January 28 – 1/2 Duong Lich) at 110 Tran Phu, Ha Dong and 19 Ho Tung Mau Let’s find out if this program has What are the special things?

Deposit as Italy

As the name implies, coming to the Italian Recharge program, players will enjoy a great deal when it comes to receiving 100% value of the deposit. The program applies to all customers who deposit an account of VND 100,000 or more with the following criteria: If only the “gods” come, GameHome will be ready to welcome you regardless of day and night.

Like Italy

Celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Rat GameHome Spring with promotions like thousands of people love | Gaming Gear

Tet comes in spring, it is definitely indispensable for red envelopes with bright red color. With the message sent to gamers the most meaningful luck wishes at the beginning of the year, GameHome has launched the Lucky Draw Program with a winning rate of … 100%. In addition, players who own the maximum dignity will be given a Red Tet Combo, including: 1 GameHome Mug and 1 large-sized mouse Pad. Coming to GameHome, has just been “climbing rank”, just got gifts to bring back, nothing more interesting, right?

Combo Like Italy

Celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Rat GameHome Spring with promotions like thousands of people love | Gaming Gear

And of course, we “clear the virtual world” are indispensable for the “team” even core. Inviting you to “fly rank” on New Year is also an opportunity for you to send each other full of red envelopes Luckily, with the Yummy Combo: Buy 1 get 1 free, GameHome promises to be an indispensable destination for gamers who want to gather friends to meet for the Spring Festival during the Lunar New Year this year.

For those of you who do not know, GameHome is one of the most famous Cybergame in Hanoi. Not only impressed by the most modern configuration, GameHome is also famous for the services that come with extremely comfortable facilities, giving gamers a great experience.

Recently, with the return of GameHome Ha Dong, the gaming community was extremely surprised and full of excitement. Of course, everyone did not forget to send the BQT the best wishes and thanks. What are you waiting for, make an appointment with your best teammates and experience one of Hanoi’s “worth playing” Cybergame during this Lunar New Year holiday.

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