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[Storm Breaker] Nine Yin Chan, you and me – our youth

Halo !!! This year I just reached the age of 24. It can be said that the age of 20 started to get acquainted with online games is considered to be late. Either I am not gifted in this matter, or due to little exposure and delay should not keep up. Perhaps that is why my gaming path is not full of roses. From the game download stage played the wrong web game. It is heartbreaking to mention. Sitting and playing for a whole session, thanks to a high score only you know you have the wrong game, if not sure if you still plow hoe not know the year. I play the game extremely, very badly …

Time to escape 3 years 4 months engaged in this virtual world. It can be said that this is a step of changing my later life. From a child who only worries about studying, doesn’t like games, to know how to play games and change his attitude to online games completely. Basically collapsed by 1 word … BEAUTIFUL.

Nine Yin Chan Jing has fascinated me by the magical beauty

A rough overview of the experience that I’ve had for the past 3 years. Not very good, but everything knows a bit. This game is different from the later games I have played through the mist because it does not plow (level). Instead, your character will “grow up” based on your ability, for example, at the beginning, it will be Unmatched Stunned (weakly), the highest current is Regimen Chan Chan (super good always) . If you want to become really talented, you have to practice the internal work into 2 branches: internal faction (everyone can train because it’s free) and internal work Gypsy (this one has to spend “a little bit” of money and it is better).

Playing chords, you will be dancing 7749 martial arts, flying scornfully vying like swordplay movies. If you are strong, you can charge first as a shield, if weak then support behind. Regarding the career of livelihood, there are enough professions from farming, raising silkworms, fishing, medicine, poison even masters begging money there. Referring to money, an important part can not fail to mention – Dinh (silver compression) – the currency in the game. It depends on how you play and your luck that you can earn more or less. Or one, I can sell it to other players, so it can be converted into VND. The ecstatic part of the turkey after 7749, the martial art of all kinds of glowing crossbones, is fashion. The most “real” is called Phong Vat Chi – sparkling glitter with many different beautiful effects. Next is the denominations, equally beautiful titles. And houses, weddings … not to mention until next year. To experience, invite you to explore this beautiful Nine Yin Land!

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

Every gamer wants to find at least one companion. A person can be happy and sad together to share support in the game. Me too, from the day I played the game I found precious companions. In particular, there I met you. An impressive first girl made me say “so cool”. I’m really strong like that cool girl power. Although you are a newbie, you are willing to help me with things that I am still vague about. I called her “male”, she led me to fight monsters.

We met at a beautiful time in the late fall of September, when the chill would occasionally hit the South in the early mornings. It’s not cold enough to let out smoke like the cold outside, but just enough for people to say, “Oh, it’s a bit cold today.” What is more interesting is that in the blanket to log into the game to do one task and then the other. Well, this is actually my preference.

I invited me to the new server. Um! Actually, you are the first friend in this virtual world so if you go to another server I will definitely go. A week after the server was launched, we went for real. Only through server can we start a new life in the virtual world that Nine Yin offers. Rushed to run the task, overcome the table, beat the boss.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

Same server but not the same way. I have my new friends. I have my new friends. We still talk and still care each other little by little. The two of us were from different states, but being close to each other was different now. By the people closest to you, but as long as you don’t have a connection to go back and forth, that relationship will also become strangers. Real life is like that, what to say about that virtual world. The way to break a relationship is to be silent. Just silent and acquaintances also turned strangers only. It is difficult to keep the initial mind

. Over the past three years I’ve had a few relatives in the game and also lost some ‘ever-close’ ones. It is no wonder that as life is changing the environment, people are changing. At that time they liked you, suited you, but not now. That’s all. Yes and take a few moments. Or simply, my people are a bit pale, pale in the way they have been soaked in sea water for hundreds of years. At first it was very exciting, but gradually the exposure faded steadily, if you do not adapt the story, you will be killed by me because of your blandness.

I don’t know what the terrifying force has made our relationship like this to continue today. Thinking back is scary. We were originally just in touch via the game. That’s right, just the game. Online talk offline then only. Gradually add Facebook friends to talk more. Actually, I don’t know when the two of them got closer.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

Sisters and sisters just like that ask each other, help each other on tasks, together do many silly games, together happy and sad.

There are times when the two stay up until morning to do a clip to join the fanpage game event held because the submission deadline is that everyone is busy so they can jump to their feet.

There were appointments that met in real life, it rained, was unexpectedly busy, so it had to be canceled.

There were times when because of my claustrophobia and went to prison, she pulled all the clones (accs) into prison with me to help me practice the exercises … in prison. Yes! Is practicing the exercises in prison. I’m dumb and you’re still complacent, really.

There were times when the two of us who were hypnotized for the whole night were killed and killed by the boss. “Please play with me, boss tank.”

My name is also called by you – Fox.

The first time I saw you in real life was 2018, the second year we knew each other. I walked and chuckled, very happy, very interesting. Glad that I met someone I just met online. And because that person is you. This lovely map.

The first time we met was the feeling of being unnatural, a bit embarrassing.

The second time we met was the feeling of waiting.

The third time we met was the familiar feeling.

The fourth time we see each other is the feeling of not being so close to each other so we can meet again.

The fifth time we met was the feeling if we could later stay in the same house.


Seventh time …


 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

Do you still remember the future plans you two built up? Realities are tougher than we think but they try to fulfill their dreams together.

I was a weak child, but because of my younger sister, I want to be stronger. At least can be a prop for me. Because the longer I know you, I know you’re not as strong as what you show. I also have a little children, a little affectionate, a little dirt cake.

Thank you for the times when you took the bus from Thu Duc to Binh Duong to visit me, I was too shy to go far.

Thank you for the past three years that have been with me when I was bittersweet.

Thank you for the small gifts you gave me.

Thank you for the motivations you gave me.

Thank you for drawing beautiful memories with me.

Thank you for being my friend for the past three years.

Thank you because even in the game or in real life, we are so compatible.

Thanks Nine Yin for bringing you to appear in my tedious life to enrich them both in the game and in real life.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

Thank you for joining me, little by little, adding a lot of spice to this relationship, cultivating it as big as it is today. From a stranger, now close as a family member. Side by side can reveal all the hidden insanity in people without being shy.

There are options people will regret looking back on. Entering the game, me and I also had hurt and sad things in this place. But if I were to choose again I would still choose this path because I met her here. I never thought I would see you in the flesh. I never thought that I would laugh with a friend in a game. I have felt the fading of some of the relationships I’ve had so far today, for 3 years, I really appreciate this relationship, cherishing the short days of meeting each other. She told me that both of us can argue with each other and then laugh at each other and solve the problem but don’t shut up and leave. I myself also hate the misunderstood silence and then quietly leave each other.

Busy life, both myself and my siblings, who are acquainted with the game, wash their hands and look for swords. People go to work, people go to school. Sometimes I still log into the game. Looking at the channel is empty of familiar things.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

No more bosses all day long bang state channel called people to fight.

No more chatting streams of everyone.

No more serious state meetings of dozens of people, tactical conferences to fight with the enemy.

There were no more times when the war bang failed, lost the base, the leader blamed himself, then sat alone under the afk room.

There are no more times organizing karaoke on alo-alo, just by the owner of the song, people troll photos and ban chat.

There are no more times when the whole group fluttered: “whoever logs into the guitar acc will give you a fight to play”, “tomorrow you will be busy with the log accs who will do the work for you”, “the guitar has been lost, quickly, “” fight it back to Chengdu and then tele back quickly, “” go to pt to attack X, it will steal my tree “…

No one criticizes me every time I go to a forbidden place to be bitten and killed.

Nobody told me to go to Sida because I couldn’t fly over the cliff, couldn’t climb the wall to follow everyone in time.

No more nights of hugging, setting up pedestal, and chatting.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

I really miss the time I spent with everyone in Quan Long – Nghiên Thiên of Lao Tam Sida. Our host state is an “old” but extremely innocent, swampy, always devoted to the team members. If my usual habit of going back to school to watch movies, youtube and eat rice, my motivation was much more online after getting used to it. Calf the rice to the table just online, just eating, just waiting, so happy.

Thank you everyone for stopping to meet at the best time of youth. Maybe it was just a game for everyone, but for the rest, but for Fox it was a very beautiful youth. At that time, we always have each other, even though we are everywhere in this S-shaped country, but when we enter the game we have a new roof, we are sad and happy to protect it. Now life can not be so attached to games forever, people go to work people go to school too busy. We broke up, but still keep in touch and coffee on Facebook, not really breaking up is sad, right?

It is also about Tet, and wish Quan Long – Nghich Thien in particular and Fox’s friends in general a peaceful new year. Thank you, everyone, whether you are a relative or a rival, for your love for Fox – whether you love or hate. Thank you for being together a little way of youth! Hello Quan Long, goodbye Mischief.

Online game only.

The game is fake is true.

The boss fight is a fake, the fight is fake, the eyes are true, staying up late is true, laughing is true, hurt is real, hurt is real, respect each other is also true.

“Hello, I just played the game, can you show me the mission?”

Chengdu, an evil afternoon, a newbie is leading a newbie to fight monsters …

A picture frame is beautiful, isn’t it?

Um !!!

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan you and me our youth | Game Online

— White Fox —

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