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[Storm Breaker] Nine Yin Chan – Where he and his sincere love


In this Nine-Tails world, traveling alone is probably good, because no one is bothered, because I think, but … There are friends, teammates, who overcome things together. sue, the forces and the prohibitions, to share their insights about the game, about life and the joys and sorrows is not better?

Nine Yin Chan is the place that gave me friends, companions, always beside me, both in game and life, and above all to find someone who truly loves me.

CACK gives me both fun and friends …

Me and you met in Nine Yin, maybe by chance, maybe also by fate. Because he played a female character, and he tried to create a pure innocent image, my first impression of him was “a lovely, pretty girl”, he often let his character follow his character. my pet, sometimes teasing me to help me forget the fatigue in real life.

Previously, I could only contact him on the game, but one day I accidentally found out his facebook, talking back and forth for a while, then he let me realize he was not a girl, was very mature. mature and mature.

Texting back and forth not long, he said I understood him so he considered me as a close friend, a soulmate, however, I could only stand from afar looking at him, and only close when beside him someone. But one day, on the screen suddenly appeared the message he made a needle, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what my emotions were like at the time, just knowing that something was painful, very uncomfortable. I tried to pretend to be okay, tried to be normal, but limited, trying to avoid him when I signed in to Nine Yin.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan Where he and his sincere love | Game Online

Honestly, no matter how hard I tried to escape, I still had to meet him a few times and mistakenly met him at the bridge near the first place I was with him so close on the Chengdu map, he agreed I mean brotherhood. Since that day, he has not only texted on Facebook, but also practiced with me, taught me how to play and repeatedly wanted me to accompany him, to be with him. He told me I was important to him, because I knew him, always by his side, and if I didn’t get married later, he would still be with me, taking care of me, even if I just regard him as his brother.

Although, I don’t know if he was telling the truth or joking but, when I heard that, I was very happy. With his sister-brother relationship, he “brought” me to his side, helping me with character building, spelling and customs clearance. He dedicated, patiently taught me everything he knows, not only in Nine Yin, but he also cares and worries about life outside my real life.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan Where he and his sincere love | Game Online

He was like a friend, an older brother, more like a teacher than just a virtual friend. Just like that, he took the initiative to see me. Ever since I met you, because of a message “I’m here” 10 minutes ago, and a smile as soon as I arrived instead of greeting, maybe … I fell in love with you, like you but I know you have a crush on other people, so I buried my feelings deep in my heart, not letting you know, or worrying or worrying, because I’m afraid that if you let me know, then even be friends. Friend, between us also can not.

Even so, I often teased him, and sang to him. But maybe the old people were right about “Strange fire”, being together, everyday going together, talking, talking to each other a lot of things, gradually, he also fell in love with me. Lan You and me, there are some unhappy things so I disbanded, you said you will marry me, but if you’re right, you still want to hold a wedding in the game with me, but because you and I all play female characters so I couldn’t do it, I could only join with the metal lan.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan Where he and his sincere love | Game Online

I really did not dare to think that much, simply wanted to be with him, doing things with himself and he wanted to, that’s enough, so I just teased “If you like it, this is a way of worshiping”.. Still, he agreed, and even Kim Lan’s name, he let me choose. The day he took the initiative to speak, my heart seemed to burst, I burst into tears of happiness, because I felt his sincerity. He did not say words orally, simply “do you agree to be my lover?” but he always looked me in the eye, not looking anywhere else, and looking into his eyes, I saw his image reflected in his eyes.

This is also the first time, I feel it “So there is a person wholeheartedly for me, sincere to me it’s so happy?” He and I, established the state, he said he wanted me to help him in the state management, but he did not want me to think too much, but he just wanted me happy, happy with him. People considered him to be the lead, to listen to him, but I felt that, because of his guidance and guidance, this Nine Commentaries world was no longer too difficult, no longer too large and because of him trying to arrange. , so our state, like a small family. And I cherish, cherish those feelings, his feelings for me and the affection of everyone in the state.

 Storm Breaker Nine Yin Chan Where he and his sincere love | Game Online

The game may be virtual, but human emotions are always true. You talk to one person, even in the game, but you have to get along well to continue, so if you are sincere, you will be reciprocated. I don’t know what my future will be like, nor will my feelings for the state, my second family look like, and how much my love for me will change. , may love me more or will leave me, but I know one thing, in the present, I appreciate, and will preserve these moments forever. Because this will be the most unforgettable memory I’ve ever had.

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