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[Storm Breaker] Daddy, my biggest passion is gaming!

Dear Daddy,

Maybe Dad will never read these lines. I still remember, Dad used to say, I was shy, quiet, and my language was dry, so I had to read a lot and write a lot in the future, if I wanted to write some confusing lines, I wouldn’t be able to send them to Dad. I know, I’m a bumbling kid, it’s very difficult to write a letter to Dad like this. However, these lines I have cherished for a long time, are the confidences that I often dared not speak to dad. I just wish, one day, I can tell you all the concerns that are still hidden in my heart. I told, Dad heard, the two of us talk.

I still remember, when I was in grade 2, my brother at my father worked for my old computer staging board. He took it home and worked all day to clean the dust from the camera body. Everyday my father had to work hard to earn a living, working overtime to fertilize the garden, chickens and pigs. Dad, all the good things, I have them all for you. Before, I never had access to computers. That day I was young, I know you want your childhood to be filled with carefree and bright things. Therefore, I play games, Dad does not prohibit. Those times were so beautiful, Dad, now I remember that tears welling up.

You are a skinny, weak child, since you’ve been so. I know that, so I always remind you to study hard. Hard work I can not do, without education, there is no future. I know, my thoughts are more mature, I know. You are no longer the kid, the rebellious father made him sleepless for many nights. No more tired days waiting for rice, anxious and anxious to hear your children coming back. There are no confidences in the lashes, or the sadness in the shape of someone who prints on the bench … Perhaps, the biggest change of me in the present, is the responsibility of life …

 Storm Breaker Daddy my biggest passion is gaming | Game Online

I know, you don’t like video games. Dad still told me that video games are only harmful, so you must stay away and never let them dominate learning. But Dad, sometimes I wonder if I would just hang around with pages and books, never mind the world around me, how? Perhaps then, my life will be surrounded by gloomy and tasteless things, at least that’s what I imagine. People often enjoy watching movies, reading books or drinking tea. And my hobby, dad, is video games. Before, I still think you just like soccer, watching movies …

But hostage, my biggest passion is video games. Many people like to drink coffee in the morning, or watch a good movie on Saturday night, to be able to find peace of mind, or escape from the hustle and bustle of work. As for me, I play the game gently, as if to find the deposition behind the stories, messages, or beliefs that the game wants to convey. Cinema, literature, painting or music are the colors to enrich life, the rains that water the garden of the soul, so that it can multiply, grow and reach out to the calm skies. flask of life.

Video games are also art, they make sense to you, like the way people appreciate a peaceful moment with a cup of coffee, or the pleasure of watching a movie they like. If you call this life the staves, to you, video games are like the notes dancing on it, extraordinary, disruptive. If there were no notes, no music would be played. And if it weren’t for the game, my soul would be rotten, and my mind would be bound by a thousand trivial things to life.

 Storm Breaker Daddy my biggest passion is gaming | Game Online

The day I went to college, I used to call and ask. The hasty words yes, or the jokes that I still hear from you, are actually a clumsy lie to cover up the difficulties you face. I am grown up, I cannot let my father’s head be more confided. As a child who is shy, less sociable, the hustle life on this side is always waiting for the children to fall. The worries of rice, money rice are shackles that bind you to reality.

And the pressure of examinations and studies is the medicine that kills the innocence in children. Few years away from home, the sky above me rarely stopped being gloomy. If it were not for you having priceless friends who were always willing to care for you, to help and protect you, then perhaps the college route would have knocked you down many times. Sacred and noble friendship is most evident when we have nothing in our hands. Video games are what got us together.

We came together through video games, and the same thing that we used to shake our heads about is a place for us to remove our souls from the worries of reality, and lie down to express our confide, the obstacles encountered in daily life. Video games bring us closer together. And this sacred friendship is enriched by video games. Oh friendship, friendship is so beautiful …

 Storm Breaker Daddy my biggest passion is gaming | Game Online

You know, these lines I wrote to you, just wanted to say one thing, video games are not as bad as you think. At home, no one dares to mention the game, because I know, I don’t have a friendly look at it. Dad always considered it a drug, a poison to poison people’s minds. But Daddy, I just hope you understand one thing, that video games are not bad, and that experiencing them is not a pointless or futile action. I want you to treat it as a hobby, or as a sport.

My hobbies are listening to music, reading books or playing soccer, etc. My hobby is video games. Please don’t judge, every time I play games. I cherish video games, because in order to make them, people have had to spend a lot of effort, intellect, and their feelings and emotions to shape a complete game. I appreciate video games, because during the experience, I learned a lot of valuable things from them. Not far from mathematical formulas, physics, or academic knowledge.

What I learned in video games, sometimes not even expressed in words, but they are expressed through stories, cutscenes, details in the game. Or beautiful ideals about friendship, teachers, comrades, comrades, and even family sentiments, these seemingly small things, which do not all appear in the stories of the days when your father told you. Did you hear? Like fireflies, they lead me to innocent, innocent memories …

 Storm Breaker Daddy my biggest passion is gaming | Game Online

I have seen passionate fans flock to the stadium to watch a football match. They nervously followed each ball, holding their breath in front of an opportunity to score, bursting with joy when the home team opened the score, or sometimes disappointed, or even indignant, indignant when their team. failed to do what they expected. No need to prepare, thousands of people play the same soul song. Their emotions mixed into one, tens of thousands were like that. With just a few ball paths, which can control the emotions of so many people, I think that can only be explained by one word, that is passion.

Passion is like a great conductor so, just waving his hands up and down can control thousands, tens of thousands of human emotions. You, like everyone else, have real life emotions with video games. When the team I tracked achieved good results, I jumped up and down. When my favorite game won a prestigious award, I nodded contentedly. When you lose an important game, your heart is heavy and sad. And when I sat down with my close friends, I was able to do myself in that special moment, no more worries, no worries and troubles in the hustle of life …

Daddy, my biggest passion is gaming, video games. Without it, life would be boring and life would turn into a series of physical torments. I hope you understand this, and accept video games as part of my life.

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