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[Storm Breaker] Chronicle gamer – The first time playing the game was so fun!

The first time I played a game, when I was in grade 2 or grade 3 or something. Then start with a 4-button game. Play games like Mario and Contral. Yet still enthusiastic, the player is few but the viewer is much. Grandma gave me 500 or 1,000 dong to play. At that time, 500 dong was played for 15 minutes, and if holding 5000 dong, it must be a “giant”.

The feeling of playing with my neighbors friends was so fun, each waiting for tens of minutes in turn but still strangely excited. See, be gossip, just point … forget the time. In the end, my mother caught me at the place to catch fire. Crying and pleading, swearing … but not in the next day. The whole youth only saved money for breakfast to make electronic coffee!

A few years later, when I got older, I started playing Play Station: shooting racing games and soccer. At that time, computers were not popular, the game shop only had two to three PS2 sets.

The shop was cramped and moldy, but it was nothing. My buddies and I are still fascinated in unending games. Thinking strange, I don’t understand the time when studying in my memory is playing games …

 Storm Breaker Chronicle gamer The first time playing the game was so fun | Game Online

By the time high school, this time the Internet boom, people turned to “gu” to use computers and yahoo. At that time I also started with Empire and Half Life, the games were considered legendary at the time.

The scene of crowded waiting for a drum machine was no stranger. The shops are small but always full of middle school kids, holding a bag and scarves on their shoulders. Of course they’re small, so we can’t win against the high school kids. Watching is not a bad choice, and I don’t see any kids complaining about it.

MU, Võ Lâm Truyền Kỳ, Thiên Long Bát Bộ, and Phong Thần … there was no shortage of dishes, I experienced them all.

 Storm Breaker Chronicle gamer The first time playing the game was so fun | Game Online

When the weak character has to plug the trail monster mouse into the skill lever, select the night to go to pay to be robbed or call the whole state of 500 brothers to preserve the fortune. Then when I got stronger, I went to steal wages to take revenge on life. Turn on the red PK to fight when angry. Rock-paper-scissors each time you have money or equipment. There are days when red numbers are full of chests. There are days when the black equipment removed on the bet but still lost. Then plow hoe to earn money to buy things. Top servers who can only look at equipment and almost wish it. But whenever there is money in the pocket to bet.

Then there are days of empire playing with the brothers through the night to go to the lecture hall to sleep.

All those memories, still remain in my heart. Whenever I suddenly remembered, my mind would remember the images of the brothers in the inn.

Perhaps, those memories will follow me throughout my life.

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