Cases are considered ‘going to the streets when necessary’, knowing immediately to avoid being punished from 4/4

On April 1, the Prime Minister officially announced the Covid-19 epidemic nationwide, and issued Directive 16 on implementing 15 days of social isolation.

The Prime Minister asked the people to strictly keep a minimum distance of 2m when communicating; Do not concentrate more than 2 people outside the workplace, school, hospital and in public places.

In the afternoon of April 3, the Minister and Chairman of the Government Office, Mai Tien Dung, issued a quick-fire document to specifically guide the implementation of social isolation.

In order to minimize the risk of community infection, require people to stay home, to minimize outages, except when absolutely necessary:

In necessary cases, they are allowed to go out according to the Prime Minister’s Directive 16. Implementation: Minh Trang.

1. Buying food, food, medicine and other essential goods and services.

2. Emergencies such as emergencies, medical examination and treatment; natural disasters, fires, …

3. Working at agencies, state units, armed forces, diplomatic agencies and at the following establishments: Factories and production establishments; traffic and construction works; business establishments providing services and essential goods (such as food, food, medicine; petrol, oil, electricity, water, fuel, …); educational institutions, banks, treasuries, service-providing establishments directly related to banking activities and business supplements (such as notaries, lawyers, registry, registration of secured transactions. ..), securities, post, telecommunications, support services for transport, export, import of goods, medical examination, treatment, funeral … are allowed to continue operating.

The heads of the above-said facilities are responsible for ensuring absolute safety and fully implementing anti-epidemic measures, including:

Up to now, the whole country has basically stopped transporting public passengers, except for cases of public duty, shuttle bus for workers, experts, isolated people, vehicles transporting production materials and goods. chemistry. Minimize the operation of personal vehicles.

Ensure smooth operation of goods and raw materials for production. The localities shall immediately stop stopping and stopping people and vehicles from going to their localities not in accordance with the Directive.

At a meeting of Ha Noi Covid-19 Steering Committee on April 3 afternoon, Chairman of City People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung requested inspecting and imposing penalties for people not going to the road mentioned above.

The city has closed all parks, intensified the propaganda on: raising awareness related to prevention (washing hands, water, dry; compulsory wearing a mask; keeping a distance of 2m); serious home isolation, keeping distance from people in the home; Do not go out for 2 weeks, especially the elderly.

As of April 3, Vietnam recorded 237 patients of Covid-19, 86 who were cured and discharged. Hanoi is the leading province in the cases. In the last week, the number of infections nearly doubled compared to 3 weeks ago. In particular, there are continuous cases outside the community. In the coming days, new cases in the area will become speckled.

Cases are considered going to the streets when necessary knowing immediately to avoid being punished from 4 4 | Live

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