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Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! (P.2)

8. The Marshmallon Ritual

One of the most frightening monsters in Yugi Muto’s deck in Duelist Kingdom is the Magician of Black Chaos. This is a creature that is almost on par with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in terms of strength, but is more difficult to summon due to its being a Ritual Monster. To summon it you need to have Black Magic Ritual.

Having difficulty recalling, the Black Magic Ritual card that appeared in the Premium package had the wrong name due to a printing error. The false version of the Black Magic Ritual is called a Marshmallon. This is the name of another monster appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! Incorrect card name printing may prevent you from summoning Magician of Black Chaos as this card says it can only be summoned by Black Magic Ritual.

9. Dragon Ice

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

A rare case of errors in the player’s favor. Dragon Ice is an Effect Monster that can be specially summoned from the hand or from the graveyard. The text on the card states that Dragon Ice can be summoned on the field at any time but only one. Fortunately, the Dragon Ice version released in Gladiator’s Assault is printed with a completely different name: Super Vehicroid – Stealth Union. This allows you to summon another Dragon Ice at the same time on the field, and only have to sacrifice one card to activate both Dragon Ice.

10. Spelling mistakes in The Prime Monarch

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

The Monarchs are the most frightening monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! because they allow you to destroy other cards on the field when summoned. Monarch’s popularity spawned powerful support cards, one of which is The Prime Monarch, which allows you to take back two Monarchs from the graveyard and bring them back to the field.

Emperor of Darkness: Structure Deck’s version of The Prime Monarch suffers from one of the most embarrassing flaws of Yu-Gi-Oh! It was printed with the word “crards” when it should have been “cards”. This card became the most commonly traded card among those with similar spelling mistakes.

11. Dark Paladin

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

The most popular cards Yu-Gi-Oh! There is often a new look when republished. The Dark Paladin was also altered after the release of the first version of the Magician’s Force, but the main reason for this was because the manufacturer used the wrong image.

This first print used the image of the Dark Paladin on the promotion card, which was given to players free of charge when purchasing the Duel Master’s Guide. Producer Yu-Gi-Oh! At that time had to issue an alternative version of this post card delivered to the buyer.

12. When humans and dragons swap places

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

Elemental HERO Chaos Neos and Rainbow Dragon cards are the most pitiful victims of printing errors. Sadly the producer of Yu-Gi-Oh! didn’t seem to realize this, and let it happen twice. The Elemental HERO Chaos Neos card was released in the first edition of Gladiator’s Assault printed with the name Rainbow Dragon. Tactical Evolution’s Rainbow Dragon has an Elemental HERO Chaos Neos print on it.

13. Nitro Warrior has the wrong attribute

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

A popular series in Japan that uses cards that you can buy in stores. These cards will activate special effects when they are scanned into the machine. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Uses for this game type have “Duel Terminal” printed below the card image, letting you know that they are compatible with the series.

The Nitro Warrior card issued in Duel Terminal 1 had the wrong attributes printed. It has the icon of the Wind attribute, while it is actually a Fire monster. The regular version of Nitro Warrior appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! correct properties are still printed.

14. A lousy version of Metalmorph

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

The Metalmorph version sold in the Premium package works differently from the versions in its manga and anime. In the game, it is a Continuous Trap, meaning it will still exist on the field after the creature equipped with it is destroyed. It took so much space on the pitch that it couldn’t continue using it, what a waste. This makes Metalmorph a terrible choice that everyone wants to avoid.

15. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh P 2 | Khám phá

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the most powerful creature in Seto Kaiba’s deck. It reached absolute ATK, far ahead of the legendary Obelisk the Tormentor. Perhaps this was the reason why the manufacturer hesitated to officially launch the card, it was not until 2006 it was released. And yet, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon version that appears in the Gold Series only has 3,000 DEF points, instead of 3800 like the other versions. This error does not affect much in matches because people often only use this card to attack. In case the player is forced to use it in defense mode, the 3000 DEF points are not something that can easily be defeated.

These are just a small portion of the Yu-Gi-Oh card mistakes! With this momentum in the near future, we will soon have the opportunity to see each other again to continue to point out the names of many new error cards only.

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