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Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sometimes the words on the Yu-Gi-Oh tags! that you bought from the store will make some mistakes. This is due to the difference in transliteration from Japanese to English. If you own such cards you can completely exchange for another card for free, but only fools do. These rare error cards are sometimes even more valuable than the rarest cards in the game.

1. Counter Counter has no effect

The Counter Counter has a special symbol behind its name that looks like a twisted arrow, characteristic of Counter Trap. The difference between a Counter Trap card and a Trap is usually that Counter Trap is always ahead. A Counter Trap card can only be attacked by another Counter Trap. The reason Counter Trap is the best card in the game is in this.

Counter Counter is a Counter Trap specially designed to destroy other Counter Trap cards. The first printing of Counter Counter in Evolution Evolution does not have the Counter Trap icon, which means that it cannot function according to the card rules, as it is not likely to affect other Counter Traps. Whoever made this mistake deserves to be fired.

2. Kinetic Soldier

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Top right corner of every Yu-Gi-Oh card! There is a circle indicating the creature’s attributes. It can be one of six systems – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark. The Kinetic Soldier Monster Card version of Champion Pack: Game Four was misprinted with attributes. The Kinetic Soldiers must be Earth-attribute monsters, but this version has turned them into Light-attribute monsters.

3. The Korean version of Neos Wiseman

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

It’s easy to distinguish the types of Yu-Gi-Oh cards! Because each type of card is characterized by a unique color. Yu-Gi-Oh sets! first use yellow cards for normal monsters, orange for Effect Monster, blue for Ritual Monsters, violet for Fusion Monsters, purple for Trap Cards and green for Spell Cards. The following sets have new cards with their own colors, like white cards for Synchro Monsters, black for Xyz Monsters, and dark blue for Link Monsters.

The Korean version of Neos Wiseman is one of the few Yu-Gi-Oh! ever got the wrong color print. Neos Wiseman was supposed to be orange, because it was an Effect Monster. But the Korean version of Neos Wiseman is printed with a purple violet background, making it look like a Monster Fusion.

4. Book without pen

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

4Kids Entertainment has repeatedly edited Yu-Gi-Oh! before this anime was allowed to air in the United States. Yu-Gi-Oh Game! nor do they escape the same fate to reduce the details of violence that are inappropriate and carry religious images. Later on, this is happening less and less by the makers of Yu-Gi-Oh! understand that they are creating a product that reaches an international audience. Perhaps that’s why the brush disappeared from Book of Secret Arts.

5. A summoned material does not exist just because of a mistranslation

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

To summon a Fusion Monster, you need two (or more) creatures listed on the card and an effect charm (usually Polymerization) that allows you to perform fusion. A problem arises with the Elemental HERO Wildedge card, one of the monsters needed to summon him does not exist.

Elemental HERO Wildedge version appears in Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2 requires Elemental HERO Edgeman. But there is no such card. For some reason, the English translation of Elemental Hero Bladedge is printed on the card, instead of Edgeman.

6. Exodia cannot distinguish the difference between you and your

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Exodia the Forbidden One is one of the most iconic cards in Yu-Gi-Oh !. This is one of the few monsters in the game that offers an alternate victory condition and is still present in decks to this day.

The version of Exodia the Forbidden One that appeared in Master Collection Volume 1 made a basic mistake. It writes that “in addition to this card in you hand” instead of “in addition to this card in your hand”.

7. The name box is cluttered

Cards designed to be confusing in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Not all typos and typographical errors are due to the designer’s mistakes. Cards become like this sometimes because there is no room for names. The card name has been pushed down to the section that should have been categorized, while the name of the card has been left blank.

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