Car robbery scene: Things to know and “tips” to prevent

Going to night very, there are days to meet “ghost”

In the big cities of our country today, functional forces are constantly pursuing and taking measures to protect people’s lives and property from the stalking of gangs staging car robbers. Although the number of car robbery incidents has changed and significantly decreased over the years, it is absolutely necessary to take precautions and guard against such unfortunate situations.

According to statistics, the number of burglaries and robberies still accounts for a large proportion of the total number of criminal cases. One of them may include the robbery in March 2020. Accordingly, at noon 11/2, a woman wearing a jacket, wearing a face mask, wearing a helmet to park on the sidewalk to enter the clothing store. A moment later, a masked man walked to unlock the 2017 Wave brand car parked in front of the clothing shop and drove away in an instant. The woman also immediately fled after being detected by the staff but did not keep up.

The scene of car robbery is no longer too strange in this day and age

The incident occurred at 9 Rach Rach Binh (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City). It can be seen, whether it is day or night, these dangerous objects always have a strong “team” team and scripts to take people’s guard off.

Above all, the initiative in preventing these evils is also what people should do. Subjects often seek to intimidate the spirit of the driver of a motorbike alone at night, which many fear. But this problem is not too far away when anti-theft technology and driving cars are increasingly improved.

What to do when a motorcycle thief thief?

In fact, most cases of resistance when encountering robbers are potential for danger to life. Because these bad people are equipped with very sophisticated scenarios, if it happens suddenly, it is difficult for people to improvise.

Possible remedies you can try to remember:

1. Maintain the steering wheel and accelerate quickly so bad subjects cannot predict the owner of the wary.

2. Convincing, naming characteristics of a people (“red shirt brother”, “blue shirt brother”, …) so that they have the motivation to help you, especially when jealous, demanding debt to rob the car

3. Run into any homestay and shout “daddy, mum” to steal the thought that you’ve arrived home.

4. In the case of low traffic, if your vehicle is equipped with advanced anti-theft systems capable of preventing robbery (such as Pitech Fox and FoxS products, you quickly leave the car and run quickly away, you will keep your life, your car will automatically activate anti-robbery and the vehicle cannot explode, make sure you will not lose Car, now seek the support of the people closest to you.

Car robbery scene Things to know and tips to prevent | Live

Equipping high-end anti-theft systems for vehicles is the best solution

Each individual has a way of handling situations when encountering robbers, however, raising awareness of protecting life is what every person should do. Also, when going out in the evening and going alone, you should limit carrying many valuable items and it is best to equip anti-theft devices, robbers to ensure safety for both you and the car.

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