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Canon: We didn’t intentionally damage the camera, the allegation was only conspiracy theories

Problem overheating Canon EOS R5 and R6 have been and are being repaired by Canon via firmware update. But before that there are many theories that, this is how Canon is trying to obstruct the latest line of mirrorless cameras and protect other high-end cameras from the phenomenon of “stepping on each other”.

But in the latest sharing, Canon has denied this conspiracy theory of many people.

CineD page had the opportunity to interview Katsuyuki Nagai-san, Product Management Manager of the Image Communication Business Division at Canon Europe and directly asked about the discussions surrounding the issues that Canon R5 and R6 are facing right.

Reporter Behiri asked: “Some people think that Canon seems to be trying to protect the EOS professional line by limiting shooting time. That could affect trust between the potential client and the company. What do you say to everyone about the above problem? Is it not intentional, but only to protect the camera? ”

On behalf of Canon, Katsuyuki bluntly rejected this hypothesis and gave it the term “conspiracy theory”.

Canon We didn t intentionally damage the camera the allegation was only conspiracy theories | ICT News

Katsuyuki shared: “This is an accusation that we have come across before and is in the form of conspiracy theories. It is simply not a reasonable business idea as users are more likely to switch to buying products from other parties. More competition is to buy a more expensive camera just to have a certain feature “.

He added: “There are factors that govern what a camera can or cannot do, mainly the components that make the camera. Making a all-purpose camera requires glasses. Higher resolution viewing, larger buffers, faster processor for processing data, faster card bus for recording content to the card, etc. That makes such a camera cost a premium. than”.

In the end, Katsuyuki stressed, Canon never intentionally “damaged” its camera. Canon always considers everything from production costs to features to the best specifications and features for each customer, he said.

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