Candidate rejection letters and what to avoid

Therefore, when sending candidate rejection letters, employers need to use very careful style and sentences to avoid hurting candidates. A professional rejection letter not only helps employers to handle them skillfully, but also helps the candidate’s image to be positive and good.

Here are some things to avoid when writing down a candidate’s rejection letter.

Write the name or personal information of the candidate incorrectly

Incorrectly writing these contents can make candidates feel that the employer did not respect or care for them. And they will certainly never come to apply the next time.

No specific reasons were given why the candidate was rejected

Being rejected for unknown reasons will make candidates feel warm, even angry. Therefore, the employer should never send a candidate a refusal letter, but the content is cliché, superficial, does not give a reasonable explanation for that denial. This not only makes candidates feel “unconvinced” but sometimes also worsens the image of the company in the eyes of the candidate.

Send “cliche” letters to all rejected candidates

Some recruiters think it is only necessary to write a very short letter to the candidates who are disqualified because their end result is the same anyway. However, that thought is completely wrong.

Sending monotonous “one-color” letters will leave the candidate feeling disrespectful. From there, they form very negative feelings about both the employer and the company. Therefore, if possible, the interviewer needs to record specific characteristics and comments about the candidate, then based on these notes to compose a letter of refusal accordingly.

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Showing dissatisfaction in the letter of rejecting the candidate

This is one of the most fundamental mistakes employers make jobs in HanoiHo Chi Minh City or any other place should be avoided when writing down letters. Regardless of how a candidate is, the fact that the employer reveals negative reviews in the letter of rejection of a candidate will create a great deal of damage to their psychology. They will both be disappointed in themselves and appear unnecessary aversion to the company.

Besides, the blunt, lack of sophistication and unskillful refusal is a clear proof for a “mediocre” company. If candidates share this with other candidates or post on social media, they can significantly affect the image that the company is building.

There were no thanks in the entire disavow letter

Acknowledgments are needed in all situations. And of course it is also indispensable in the letter of rejecting the candidate. Without a thank you, employers can make candidates feel that their efforts for the position they are applying for are meaningless and they never have a chance for next time. Moreover, this error also causes candidates to evaluate this company as lack of sophistication and professionalism.

Round, not clear in the letter of rejecting candidates

A too brief letter of rejection is not the right thing to do. But a lengthy and cumbersome rejection letter is not a good one either. Anyway, the end result is still not selecting them, so right from the first line the recruiter should thank and directly refuse to avoid wasting the candidate’s time. You can then add a few lines about why they are not recruiting them and suggest a different job position or make an appointment for them next time.

Do not send greetings to candidates after refusing

A wish at the end of the letter does not take too long but will create sympathy, leaving candidates with a positive impression on both the employer and the company.

Denial is always a sensitive matter. Therefore, when composing a letter of rejection, employers should pay attention to write the content of the letter professionally and skillfully. In particular, in the letter, should avoid some things that easily hurt the candidate and have a negative view of the company. A standard refusal letter will help candidates see that the employer always evaluates them objectively, fairly and always respects them even if they are not chosen.

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