Can the Thor hammer destroy Wolverine’s metal bones?

Whether in the comic book version or on the big screen, the Mjolnir hammer is also a weapon that is too familiar with Marvel’s thunder god Thor. Anyone who deserves it, when using this hammer, is given the ability to fight great, extraordinary power and ability to summon powerful thunder. It is no exaggeration to say that Mjolnir is one of the most “awesome” weapons in the Marvel universe that anyone wishes to use one time. Meanwhile, as part of the Weapon X program, Wolverine possesses adamantium inlaid skeletons – arguably the most rugged metal on Earth and indestructible.

So, what if Thor’s Mjolnir hammer confronted Logan’s adamantium bone? The answer is not as simple as you think.

Can Thor and his hammer destroy the super-hard skeleton of Wolverine?

Mjolnir hammer was created by King Odin, Thor’s father, before the thunder god was born. He “trapped” a violent cosmic storm inside the uru – the super-durable metal made from ore on the first moon. In addition, uru is also particularly sensitive to magic enhancement methods, and becomes more powerful when operating in a magical environment. At that time, Odin brought the uru containing space storm to Nidavellir to ask the black dwarf workers here to create Mjolnir with the heat of a star.

Meanwhile, adamantium metal exists in many different forms and possesses many features that are not the same. We have proto – adamantium, the original version of this metal by a scientist named Dr. MacLain fabricated. In the comics, Captain America’s shield was originally created using a mixture of proto – adamantium and vibranium, but was unsuccessful. The process of mixing the two metals above created the primary adamantium, which is also the wrapper of Wolverine’s bones and almost never destroyed.

However, before a mighty Mjolnir, adamantium was also shaken and more or less chipped.

Can the Thor hammer destroy Wolverine s metal bones | Live

The Mjolnir hammer has repeatedly confronted the metal amadatium in the comics version.

In the Thor # 3 story by Jason Aaron, the Mjolnir hammer now belongs to Jane Foster (Mighty Thor), there is a scene where the hammer stuck to the metal wall “the core is vibranium, but adamantium-plated outside. ”. Mjolnir could not break the wall, but its continuous blows left many cracks, even a few holes in the surface. After that, Mighty Thor can use his bare hands to destroy this wall, even though she is not in the most powerful state. It sounds like the victory belongs to Mjolnir already, but it’s not so simple.

As stated above, adamantium exists in many different forms. And Wolverine has been fortunate enough to experiment with a super rare, expensive and difficult to use type. Meanwhile, the wall mentioned above is most likely made only from the secondary form of adamantium – still very sturdy but not indestructible, especially with a superhero possessing terrible power like Mighty Thor.

Can the Thor hammer destroy Wolverine s metal bones | Live

Thor’s hammer once struck the shield of Captain America.

In Avengers Vol 3 # 63, Thor can knock down the shield of Captain America when “enhanced” by Odinforce – a mysterious power of the kings of Asgard. If it continued to strike powerful attacks at the opponent, then it was only a matter of time before this shield shattered. Meanwhile, Cap’s shield is made of an adamantium version that is slightly stronger than Wolverine’s bone. This means that if confronted directly, Thor can completely destroy the super hard skeleton that Logan Wolf Owners own.

Final conclusion: Theoretically, Mjolnir can destroy Wolverine’s bones, but that depends on who is using this hammer.

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