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Camera sales in 2020 are down 54%.

Japan Image and Camera Association (CIPA) The camera market numbers were released for the year to September, and we can see a significant decrease compared to last year as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging. globally.

Accordingly, all camera manufacturers sold a total of 1,562 million DSLRs (traditional cameras with mirror), down 54% from the same period last year. Revenue from this model reached 625,667,150 USD, down 51%. The new generation mirrorless camera sold a total of 1,807 million units, a 34% lower drop than DSLR, earning $ 1,412,303,155.

The number of travel cameras (built-in lenses) sold was higher than that of DSLRs at 2,498 million, but there was also a fairly high decline of 51%, earning $ 518,916,324 in revenue. The lens market also saw a sharp decline, with ultra-wide lenses (35% wider) seeing a 45% drop, while lenses from 35mm and up down 34%.

Camera sales in 2020 are down 54 | Digital toys

Compare this year’s number of interchangeable lenses (DSLR and Mirrorless) compared to last year

Camera sales in 2020 are down 54 | Digital toys

Compare this year’s number of lens cameras attached to this year’s year

The good news is that the camera market has recovered in September, and is expected to increase in the last few months of the year. DSLR sales in September increased to 68,000 units compared with August, this figure for mirrorless cameras was 140,000 units. It will take some more time for the camera market to fully recover from the strong decline of the first three quarters of the year, but with the current upward trend, surely companies will be able to be optimistic. than.

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