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Camera companies compete too much, causing the whole market to go down

An article by the President of the page Nikkei Asian Review In Japan, Mr. Masamichi Hoshi talked about the camera market that is stirring the community. This article talks about the future downturn of the entire camera market, including one reason being that “competition is too fierce among manufacturers”.

This article is posted after Olympus announced it will sell image segment Mr. Hoshi talked about such weaknesses as the number of devices sold, the world financial situation that led to this decision of them. Accompanied by the gloomy outlook of the entire Japanese camera industry – there was once a thriving production, on a par with the automotive industry.

“The imaging industry peaked with 121 million units sold in 2010, and then this number was only 15 million. The recession will continue for COVID-19, when this year is only 2.63 million units were sold, down 44% from the same period last year. “

Camera companies compete too much causing the whole market to go down | Digital toys

While other articles only talked about factors such as smartphone development or COVID-19 that made the camera market go down, in the middle of the article Mr. Masamichi Hoshi also found another cause: camera industry is taking kill yourself.

“The development of smartphones and COVID-19 are two big factors, but also in part due to the fierce competition among Japanese manufacturers. These competitions will be very beneficial to users, give them a lot of new camera models to choose from, but will also reduce the manufacturer’s ability to invest in new technologies. will be a precedent for other brands in the future. “

Camera companies compete too much causing the whole market to go down | Digital toys

If camera companies cannot slow down, stop competing too much, launch products too continuously, according to Nikkei, the entire camera industry could be broken in the coming years.

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