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Call BlackPink “Chinese stripper” right on television, the radio pays dearly from gamers

BlackPink is one of the most popular girl groups in the world and also the Korean girl group with the highest ranking on Billboard’s Social 50 chart. For the gaming community around the world, BlackPink also used to be inspired to League of Legends game launch some costumes for the hero in this game.

Therefore, it can be said that BlackPink also has a great influence on gamers, including many LoL players who used to hope that Black Pink will shine at the 2018 world finals. Or as recently, a female singer in the group is also representative face for the hit MMORPG Perfect World.

Recently, an event that was allegedly offensive to the group took place on a famous TV channel. According to a recent report by MyD Daily, the Indian television channel – News NationTV – showed a video of BlackPink performance. However, it is worth mentioning that while one video was airing, one stream ‘Chinese strippers’ has been attached to the screen. The audience immediately got angry and asked the TV channel to make a public apology for BlackPink.

Call BlackPink Chinese stripper right on television the radio pays dearly from gamers | Mobile & Social

The words “Chinese stripper” made the audience angry

Since the incident, fans and gamers in India have used a variety of hashtag on Twitter like #ShameOnYouNewsNation and #ApologizeNewNation to express their anger. Many fans, including some League of Legends gamers, could not hide their disappointment about such a big mistake from national television.

On a site devoted to BlackPink fans in India, many fans of the group once again stated that BlackPink is from South Korea and News NationTV should carefully research the information before sharing with the audience. Then News NationTV has make an apology and explain that it’s just a mistake. They made a technical error when uploading BlackPink videos. As soon as they realized it, they immediately deleted the inscription.

Call BlackPink Chinese stripper right on television the radio pays dearly from gamers | Mobile & Social

The broadcaster immediately apologized

However, that is not enough for BlackPink fans and some gamers in India to forgive this TV channel’s faults. Fans believe that the channel did not show enough sincerity to apologize to the popular girl group. It is known that News Nation is one of the major Hindi TV channels in India and this error occurred right when this channel was broadcast, thus creating a wave of backlash in the populous country. this.

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