C120N: The companion of the running app

Jogging tournaments in Vietnam, organized either offline or online, are also increasingly attracting a large number of attendees. And there are many groups and clubs gathering running lovers to share their experiences and at the same time launching the sport deeply in the community.

Accordingly, in addition to the technology products launched to serve this object, the application software system is also written specifically for running sports activities. Of course, it is also indispensable for carriers to provide high-speed data transmission, becoming an indispensable factor for running and competition.

One of the most popular and used by many runners is Strava installed on a smartphone and connected in sync with the smartwatch. This is also the software applied by Mobifone to the “Head to 2021” online technology running tournament organized by this network operator.

Mobifone organizes an online run along with preferential telecommunication packages, such as a combo gift for customers. Especially during the time of translation of covid-19, there were still many complicated developments, the activities of mass gathering of people were delayed or canceled.

Because of the epidemic, daily activities such as work, study and entertainment of people are mostly online.

Representatives of Mobifone said: We understand and know what customers need, so we try to provide telecommunication services with the best utilities and reasonable costs. At the same time towards social activities and for the community, Mobifone gives priority to this goal, the online running tournament “Head to 2021″ is an example ”

Known combo package C120N. With this package, subscribers will receive great deals with 4GB of high speed per day (120G / month). In addition, there are incentives for on-net calls with 1000 minutes and 50 minutes for off-net calls, in addition, customers also get 1GB of free internet traffic for viber ifix, nct, tiktok applications 1GB on application.

C120N package applies to subscribers who are supported by Mobifone (with monthly fee below 90K in the last 3 months), customers need only need to write SMS with syntax DV8 C120N and send to 9084.

C120N The companion of the running app | Internet

Mr. Minh Nhat, representing a running group in Hanoi, said: “Regardless of any runner who needs a technological solution, that is smartphones, watches are indispensable means. Especially the runners determine to practice and participate in tournaments seriously, but need more high-speed data transmission to ensure that the devices operate correctly via GPS positioning. Online running tournaments with high-speed telecom packages such as C120N will motivate runners to participate, especially at this time, the activities of gathering people are still limited. function regularly “.

It is known that Mobifone has collaborated with many technology and sports partners such as Salomon, Garmin, Hoang Ha Mobile, Rejusvaskin cosmetics, BCA living functional foods, Love Stone rose salt, … to organize the event. this with a prize value of up to 600 million. The online prize “Head to 2021″ attracted thousands of attendees.

The purpose of the race is to create a healthy and useful playground for all subjects – people living, studying and working throughout the territory of Vietnam. Especially young students, students, promote self-awareness, step by step form a habit of practicing sports, improving physical health. ”

Through the C120N package, in addition to working, studying, surfing the web, .. also helps customers have the best opportunity to experience from the online program “Head to 2021”, participate in entertainment through hunting minigames. prize.

It can be said that this is a promotional package deployed by Mobifone with the aim of providing customers with moments of comfortable internet access, domestic and external voice calls, and at the same time enjoying diverse entertainment services. on a digital platform, solving concerns about transmission lines. Especially customers who use smart devices for work or sports purposes that require precise computational parameters like runners – runners./.

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