By 2020, which technology has the power to maintain bactericidal up to 18h after washing?

So, how much is this “expensive” piece of “cold water” bactericidal technology worth?

The overwhelming power of Blue Ag + technology

Understanding consumers’ concerns about health issues, especially during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Panasonic has always pioneered the development of technologies and investment in research to create the optimal solution to eliminate bacteria on clothes, protect the health of the family. Equipped on the line of high-class horizontal washing machine, Blue Ag + “cold water sterilization” technology capable of killing up to 99.99% of bacteria (according to research results of Research Laboratory Japan Food Japan Food Research Laboratories and the Institute of Biotechnology – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) and allergens are superior to conventional bactericides.

UV rays combine with silver crystals to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, even when washed with cold water.

Combining the sun’s UV rays and Ag + silver ions, the new Blue Ag + technology is able to maintain clothing protection from bacteria for up to 18 hours after washing. The skin of family members will always be optimally protected, especially for children and those with sensitive skin. High-class fabrics such as silk are also cherished to protect against damage.

In particular, Blue Ag + has the ability to save superior power, much more efficient than conventional bactericidal technologies.

Cold-water disinfection technology Blue Ag + has the power to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and allergens up to 18 hours after washing to protect family health.

Optimal cleaning thanks to StainMaster + and Active Foam

On high-end horizontal washing machines, Panasonic continues to equip with specialized washing technology StainMaster + which is highly appreciated for cleaning hard-to-wash stains such as grease stains, mud, sauces or odors. the pleats.

Combined with StainMaster + is Active Foam technology that dissolves ultrafine laundry detergent in Turbo Mixer soapbox and washing tub, thereby penetrating faster, removing the most stubborn stains.

Testing comparing other soap dispersion technologies, the foam on Panasonic washing machine is much finer with better permeability and stain removal, creating maximum cleaning effect without first rubbing. .

Quick washing mode only 38 minutes

Active Speed ​​Wash mode completes a washing cycle in just 38 minutes, combined with the ultra-fine and dense foaming ability of Active Foam, so the wash time is short but still absolutely clean. This feature is very popular with families with few members and is especially handy when urgently needing laundry.

Durable, smooth operation

Persistence with time and energy savings is the core technology of Japanese brand products and this is maximized in Panasonic horizontal cage washing machines.

Econavi’s intelligent sensor technology senses the fabric, washing volume and water temperature in the tub, thereby learning based on the family’s washing habits to calculate the appropriate amount of water and washing cycle, saving maximum power savings. Econavi will not be silenced, but always alerted by the Econavi light green.

Along with that is an inverter motor that helps the washing machine operate economically, smoothly, steadily and stably with the highest rotation speed in the market up to 1,400 rpm and a life span of more than 27 years according to the test internally, the equivalent of 10,000 washing cycles for the frequency of washing 1 time / day.

Perfect beauty, elegance and sophistication

Alpha washing tub is made of stainless steel designed by Porsche manufacturer, with a strong and luxurious style. With the interwoven diamond cuts, the powerful and intelligent movement of the 3D washing sensor along with the water injection hole from all directions helps clothes to be washed without fading, maximizing every fiber.

By 2020 which technology has the power to maintain bactericidal up to 18h after washing | Explore

Front-loading washing machine Panasonic is designed as beautiful as the “décor” interior.

The tub door is designed in a chrome-plated arc shape, harmonizing with the minimalist, elegant overall design of the washing machine. Selecting sophisticated silver gray and trendy for high-end product line, Panasonic horizontal cage washing machines easily create a classy and luxurious accent for modern family space.

Easy to wash large sized items

To ensure the health of the family, especially during the epidemic season, beddings also need to be cleaned more often. With 360mm super-large drum door and 525mm-diameter largest drum in the market with 330mm depth of drum, washing blankets, intestines, large size pillows will become more comfortable and easier.

With the motto of creating values ​​for life and health safety solutions, Panasonic horizontal washing machine with cold water sterilization technology is a high-class choice for families who set modern technology criteria. , health protection and enduring quality to the forefront.

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