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Buying a Samsung monitor is an extra boost to speed up the internet to help you stay home

In the context of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is recommended that people stay home and only go out when necessary to carry out the disease safely. At the present time, companies have given employees to work online almost 100% at home, schools have also done online teaching for students since the outbreak.

Thanks to that, the need to buy yourself a quality monitor so that users can maximize the quality of work is now increasing sharply. Understanding this demand, Samsung Vietnam has recently launched a promotion program to upgrade your home internet package when buying Samsung monitors.

We all know the screen is one of the indispensable devices in the process of working at home today. However, the quality of work can not always achieve the maximum performance as when working at the company. Computer monitors play a significant role in improving home performance. And therefore, owning a suitable and high-quality monitor is of utmost importance to be considered first.

Samsung gives users a variety of choices when choosing to buy computer monitors. Whether you work online, play games or design graphics, the Samsung monitor can meet a variety of different types, tailored to each person’s needs.

With Samsung monitors, the company has integrated its product lines with many practical features that complement the user and help increase productivity. These include:

Multitasking: With large screens, from 24 to 27 inches or more, users can take advantage of the large screen to multitask quickly, work with multiple open windows, display content. more thus reducing the number of mouse scrolls, saving you time, as well as increasing your ability to concentrate.

High resolution: Samsung provides users with screen versions of up to Ultra HD – 4K resolution, which allows to display up to 8 million pixels, 4 times the normal Full HD resolution, thereby turning the images into The display becomes sharpest and clearest, improving user experience.

Anti-fatigue mode: Not only equips its screens with advanced technologies, Samsung also provides methods to protect the eyes of the user to minimize the impact on vision. Users can choose the type of screen with perfect curvature so that the eyes have good vision, reducing eye fatigue. In addition, the built-in Anti-flicker technology will also give the most comfortable viewing experience.

Flexible connection: Besides traditional ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort … available, Samsung monitors also have the ability to connect well with other devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, … This will be a great device. for Samsung Galaxy users or use Samsung DeX mode.

Buying a Samsung monitor is an extra boost to speed up the internet to help you stay home | Digital toys

In addition, to optimize the quality of your work even more, you can use two monitors at once. Two screens will help display two content at the same time, reducing the switching between working windows, thereby reducing the possibility of making mistakes.

According to a study by the University of Utah (USA), the use of two monitors increases productivity by 32%, reduces the chance of making mistakes by 33%, and makes it easier to control work by 45%. The use of two monitors also helps to bring comfort to users when there is more space to display and perform tasks.

Buying a Samsung monitor is an extra boost to speed up the internet to help you stay home | Digital toys

Thus, thanks to the practical features that Samsung equips its screen types, users can absolutely choose the screen that best suits their needs. No matter where you work, the quality and performance of your work will be guaranteed.

In addition, from now until April 19, users who buy a Samsung monitor will also receive a support package of up to VND 200,000 to upgrade the internet package (limited quantity), thereby helping to You continue to improve the quality of working online with faster internet connection.

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