Broxah became the next victim of ‘forest robber’ SofM, Suning got his first Worlds victory.

After the defeat against G2 Esports, many people were concerned Suning will have psychological problems when facing a “old dirty” opponent like Team Liquid, because after all, the experience in the international arena of 3rd seed LCS is better than the competition.

TL vs SN Highlights Day 3 Worlds 2020 Main Event Team Liquid vs Suning by Onivia

However, “experience” is inherently not a sufficient condition for TL to surprise a higher rated opponent. Suning even had a pretty “spontaneous” pick-up phase with Draven’s pick for Huanfeng and Nidalee for SofM, leaving General Lee Sin to Broxah.

The Draven – Leona pairing, combined with Nidalee’s ability to steal jungles and put pressure on the bot lane, kept TL’s ADC-Support duo from playing games, they couldn’t even stand in turrets to breathe helplessly scanned armor layers.

Although there was no kills advantage in the early and mid game, Suning easily widened the money gap compared to Team Liquid, as their bot lane and Jungle led the opponent too deeply, leading to LPL representatives take full initiative in large target disputes.

Broxah became the next victim of forest robber SofM Suning got his first Worlds victory | Esports

If we use one word to evaluate Team Liquid’s performance, we can only call it “helpless”, they cannot make any strong protest because of the loss of resources created. out from the road stage.

After 32 minutes of playing, Suning ended the second day with a relatively light victory, with more than 15,000 lead and a 12-2 kill score, thereby winning his first victory at Worlds 2020.

Although the result after SN’s 2 matches was only 1 and 1, but in both matches, the top Western junglers, Jankos and Broxah, have experienced the feeling of “misery” when faced with first with SofM, and the performance of the Vietnamese Jungler is still a subject of appreciation for professionals, especially after the match with Team Liquid ended.

Broxah became the next victim of forest robber SofM Suning got his first Worlds victory | Esports

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