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British newspaper: This is how Vietnam crushed the second Covid-19 epidemic wave

* The article expresses the views of Michael Tatarski – Telegraph reporter, reputable newspaper site from the UK.

On 24/7, Vietnam experienced the 99th day without any corona virus infection in the community. Although the border was still closed, only a few special flights were allowed to return from abroad, the lives of the people at that time had almost completely returned to normal compared to the world. Domestic tourism reopened, the restaurant bar was crowded, while the order of social outlays completely ended.

But just a day later, the Ministry of Health announced a new case of infection in the community in Da Nang – the third largest city in Vietnam.

Disinfection of air buses in Vietnam (Image: Reuters)

The origin of this infection is still unknown even now, as all cases within the past 3 months have been return from abroad and were immediately quarantined for 14 days. But no matter where it originated, the fact that the case was reported indicates an outbreak in Da Nang, and it spread very quickly. Within weeks, authorities discovered hundreds of new cases in this city, mainly concentrated in hospitals. From a country where there were no deaths, 35 people are gone forever.

The way to put out the translation is terribly effective

In the following days, new infections were continuously discovered in 15 other cities and provinces, including the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. But this time, Vietnam is not acting the same way. In March 2020, when Vietnam faced the first epidemic, a nationwide social isolation order was quickly issued. Now, Vietnam decided to solve it more locally, in order to avoid too much damage to the economy.

Da Nang was then placed under the most stringent blockade. The roads and vehicles to and from the city were completely blocked. Nearly all businesses were closed. In other areas, though, things were open fairly normal.

British newspaper This is how Vietnam crushed the second Covid 19 epidemic wave | Khám phá

In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, bars, karaoke and discotheques have to close. Again, wearing a mask in public became mandatory, while crowds of more than 30 people were forbidden. However, everyday activities almost unchanged.

At the same time, extensive testing is available, available to anyone returning from Da Nang before a quarantine order is issued. Tens of thousands of people were tested, all new cases were quickly quarantined and infected with fierce traces. This is also the tactic that Vietnam has been using since the first outbreak, and it proved terribly effective.

One of the key elements in Vietnam’s strategy is the media. The Ministry of Health continuously sends messages to all numbers in the country, giving advice and health warnings.

British newspaper This is how Vietnam crushed the second Covid 19 epidemic wave | Khám phá

By the end of August, what Vietnam did had yielded fruit. The blockade of Danang and drastic testing have slowed the spread of the disease. And now again, Vietnam has gone through three weeks without any new infections in the community, crushing the new outbreak.

Domestic tourism to Da Nang has been restored. Businesses in big cities are also back to normal. At the end of the second outbreak, Vietnam had a total of 1069 cases, more than doubling from 417 cases on 24/7. Currently, there are only 40 people infected nationwide, and confidence is back in the community.

Now, Vietnam can be proud of being one of the countries that have successfully crushed the second Covid-19 wave.

Source: Telegraph

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