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Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 (Bose Headphones 700) is the “descendant” of the famous Bose QuietComfort 35II personal headphone line, featuring active noise cancellation and a simple, lightweight and luxurious design. In contrast, Bose Portable Home Speaker seems to be the “successor” of the Soundlink Revolve + mobile model with the features of the Bose Home Speaker smart speaker line, for a wide and quality sound space. Why say the two products are the perfect combination for any audio enthusiast?

Satisfy the needs of audio from individuals to groups

If you need an audio device just for you, meet the criteria: stylish appearance, smooth sound quality, integrated with many handy functions and especially for you a private audio space. Bose Headphones 700 deserves to be an excellent candidate. Every time you put on your headphones and adjust the noise level to your own needs, you can enjoy your own world in a quality, undisturbed, undisturbed and unaffected audio environment. surroundings. The Bose Headphones 700, thanks to its comprehensive system of eight microphones, allows for clear voice recording and delivers the same quality of conversation as in a closed room. Minimalist design, eliminating most joints, screws or mechanical details, along with soft material and ear cushions in the Earpad cushion for you to feel lightweight but firm in the same product . This is definitely a trendy accessory not to be missed when combined with simple or colorful costumes.

The stylish and versatile Bose Headphones 700 personal headphones

In contrast, Bose Portable Home Speaker is for a large space, where the sound can spread in all angles and touch the integrity of the listener’s emotions. The world of sound is not encapsulated in a monotonous range, but rather a combination of treble and bass bands customized to the needs of the user, nor is it limited to a short distance when the sound level of the speaker for allowed to reach further spaces, with the quality unchanged from the center of the speaker. What do you think of a gathering of friends over the weekend, cooking and “chill” hiccup with exciting music?

Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are | Digital toys

In a large space and need a sound large enough, Bose Portable Home Speaker is a worthy choice

Sure physical buttons or smooth touch buttons?

Bose’s new generation Portable Home Speaker still maintains the physical buttons design on the top of the speaker, has control functions, turn on / off the speaker and microphone, increase or decrease the volume, call virtual assistant. The exquisite combination of high-quality plastic and rubber creates a certain softness, not rough in the overall design of the speaker, while creating a feeling of touch, click and like hands. Perhaps this is Bose’s intention in increasing the experience of touching and direct command through each button for the user?

Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are | Digital toys

Despite being a physical button, the Home Portable Home Speaker retains sophistication

Bose Headphones 700 is introduced with improvements over its predecessor, streamlining the physical buttons, adding touch sensors to make each operation on the headset happen smoothly and smoothly. The power button and the Bluetooth control, the virtual assistant (Siri / Google Assistant) and a three-level noise canceling button are all physical buttons held by Bose. At the same time, Bose also comes equipped with a hidden touch button on the word Bose that helps us manage more functions to stop music, adjust the volume or listen to the battery time notification.

Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are | Digital toys

Touch buttons give users a smoother experience

Are you a touch fan or a loyal fan of physical buttons?

The perfect similarities

In addition to additional differences, each of Bose products has common characteristics, bringing more utilities to users.

Diverse connectivity capabilities are a big plus in a world that requires lots of extra features. Bose Portable Home Speaker has done a great job of this, as it can stream music from Spotify or Deezer without a smartphone. In addition, users can also call a virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa right from the speaker. To take full advantage of the speaker features, the Bose Music app allows you to expand through customizing speaker settings, such as increasing / decreasing bass or treble, connecting multiple speakers at the same time, or signing in to listening services. music online … No less edge, Bose Headphones 700 helps users can easily connect with Siri virtual assistant on iOS, or access Google Assistant built-in. Similarly, with the Bose Music app, we have more interesting things to explore such as displaying battery life, adjusting noise level 10 levels, adjusting music volume, setting buttons …

Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are | Digital toys

With Bose Music, users have more interesting things to explore

Great battery life is an advantage that is easy to please consumers and both products are extremely responsive. The noise-canceling headset provides up to 20 hours of operation time, while the portable speaker can play music for up to 10 hours continuously. A day full of sounds without the worries of battery interruptions.

Finally, the special feature that cannot be ignored is the portability – a simple but highly applicable feature, helping users to easily move and use. Through easy connectivity with Bluetooth, we can use these products anytime, anywhere, creating the best audio experience, in accordance with the surrounding environment.

Bose new duo for ultimate audio experience wherever you are | Digital toys

With Bose, go everywhere!

Which product do you prefer, or both?

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