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Boku no Hero Academia: Dabi’s past revealed, where will the heroes’ stories go? (P.2)

The Boku no Hero Academia manga is slowly approaching the end of the War arc. The series begins with school situations and trains students to be heroes. But now when participating in the real battle, everything is like a thousand pounds hanging hair.

There were predictions about the hero’s side in the previous installment, so do the villains suffer from the consequences they cause?

There will be a possibility that they will be captured on this battlefield, but it is predicted that some will escape and some members involved will be captured by heroes. That’s not the only consequence of this side. Don’t forget the death of Twice, a prominent member of the Crime Coalition. Besides, there remains a smoldering conflict between Tomura Shigaraki and All For One.

Boku no Hero Academia Dabi s past revealed where will the heroes stories go P 2 | Khám phá

Shigaraki is clearly indignant about AFO’s infiltration into his body during this arc, even if it was to save his life. Currently, readers still do not know if Shigaraki or All For One is really the final villain of the series. That will require an answer, along with a detail where All Might mentions an upcoming visit to Tartarus, “Special Prison for Criminals”, Shigaraki and All For One are likely to face off in an arc about prison break.

Between the shocking reactions of both the heroes and the antagonists trying to win, Kohei is also hard pressed to insert any playful details for this fierce dark arc. However, Japanese schools usually start the school year in April. That means class 1-A will soon enter second year of high school and become 2-A. Readers also believe that the character Shinso will enter the hero department when entering his second year – if the U.A professional hero school is still active after this war.

Boku no Hero Academia Dabi s past revealed where will the heroes stories go P 2 | Khám phá

The Hero Academy’s fate is uncertain. There are no easy explanations for many problems. Will classes continue after the battle? The story is called Hero Academy but it is not clear how normal classes and research will play out, when the Supernatural Liberation Front is still out there and so many professional heroes. are suffering from injury.

Will the villains really just sit around and wait a few years while the heroes continue training out there? Most likely, author Horikoshi will time skip several months to speed up the story line.

Boku no Hero Academia Dabi s past revealed where will the heroes stories go P 2 | Khám phá

There’s a lot of uncertain guesswork as to where the Hero Academy manga’s story will go. But rest assured, that no matter what, the adventures of Deku and her classmates will continue for many years to come.

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