BOE’s OLED displays don’t meet quality requirements, Galaxy S21 continues to use Samsung’s OLED screens

Last month there were reports that Samsung Electronics was testing its Chinese BOE OLED panel as a cheaper alternative to Samsung Display’s OLED screens. These screens can be used for flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S21 coming next year. However, it seems that the Korean smartphone giant will continue to use Samsung Display’s OLED panels instead of other vendors.

South Korean media reported that OLED panels from Chinese BOE firm did not pass Samsung’s test. Even sources claim that BOE’s OLED screen failed to pass the first test by the Korean company. Previously, market research firm DSCC suggested that BOE planned to supply 6.67-inch OLED panels to Samsung, but now that will not happen again.

Samsung has previously asked BOE to send quotes for OLED displays with a 90Hz refresh rate to be used on the Galaxy S21 flagship. There are also rumors that the smartphone will be equipped with an under-screen camera.

Typically, there will be tests for screen quality and mass production capabilities before screens are used in the final product. However, it seems that BOE has been eliminated at the beginning of these screen tests.

Previously, there were also reports that BOE’s OLED panels did not pass Apple’s tests for the iPhone 12, due for release later this year. BOE, LG Display and Samsung Display are reportedly partners in supplying OLED screens for the iPhone 12 series.

Samsung orders account for 80% of Apple’s supply, while BOE and LG Display mainly supply cheaper iPhone models by the end of this year.

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